1. Search the marketplace with the following filters:

  • Quality: Gold
  • League: Popular League
  • Min Bid Price: 1,500
  • Min Buy Now: 2,000

2. Find a player that has value, but not too much value. I recommend finding a rare player with some good links and decent stats. You want the card to be valued at more than 800 coins, but less than 8,000

3. Purchase the found player at his lowest Buy Now price (if there are multiple, try to pick one with full fitness, lots of applied contracts and chemistry styles, if available)

4. Re-list the card for 300-400 coins more than you paid (making sure you don’t lose coins as a result of EA Tax) for 1 hour. Closing into the expiring time, this card will potentially sell for a few hundred coins profit.

The profit you make from this will be small on each card. You want to be getting yourself a 100 card transfer list and listing 100 DIFFERENT cards. This way, plenty will sell (although not all), and you can simply re-list them again and put more up to replace those that sold. You may only make 250 coins profit on some cards, but selling the entire 100 is 25k per hour, with very little work needed to do this. It can be repeated constantly

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