Black Friday is almost here and everyone is liquid, ready for anything to release…

So I have 2 investments that will make you way more coins that any other investments will make you. With this guide, we’re looking to make absolute bank in a very short time period.

Firstly, we should be aware the Black Friday begins 18:00 GMT Friday 23rd November. From the moment of writing this, that is 5 days away.

We could trade in this time, however il be getting myself prepared for some of these SBCs.

Let’s start with the first…

83 Rated Players

Surely it’s too obvious? Apparently not, we want to get in early on these cards, as I can imagine that tons of players will begin investing in these cards sooner rather than later.

I expect many traders on Twitter will begin to tell players to stock up on 83/84 Rated players, however we will already be 1 step ahead of them. Currently, they’re very cheap:

I wouldn’t pay more than 1k for each card, but pick up as many of them as you can! A lot of players are saying to stay away from GK cards however, they did just as well last year as other cards due to not needing much Chemistry or a very high rating in the TOTW Guarantee SBCs.

Here are the prices of the 84 rated players:

They’re already pretty inflated as a result of the UEFA Europa League SBCs and so I’m staying away from them for now.

Once the final SBC expires, il revaluate if 84s are worth investing in or not, but like I said, I’m not touching them just yet.

We have a couple of options when it comes to selling these 83 Rated players. We can either

A) Sell in the hype for the SBCs, for around 1.5-2k on each card for around 50-100% profit on your investment

B) Hold onto these cards and wait for the TOTW Guaranteed SBCs to be released and sell them to buyers of the SBC

Personally, I will be going with option A. This way we are guaranteed profit, which is much better than relying on EA to release SBCs themselves.

If you do go with option B, you’re playing a risky game. They could hit as high as 4K like in previous years, but also we may get nothing this year. If TOTW is stacked then we can assume that we will be getting the TOTW SBCs, but we don’t know when or what the requirements are. In the case that there is no SBC, hold onto the cards as they will come in handy at one point of the promo no doubt.

The reason that I’m splitting the investments up into 2 parts is because we don’t want to buy into part 2 just yet. Instead we want to leave it just a little bit longer. That is another reason that I’m going to be going with option A because it means I could potentially make a big chunk of coins before reinvesting with even more coins than before. Part 2 will likely be tomorrow, unless something else comes up

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