The OTW Promo is finally over, and players are beginning to look to the weekend league, and with the WL, comes some sweaty teams…

As of right now, prices are slowly but surely heading up all round. This is very obvious on TOTW cards, a few UCL cards and popular WL players. These cards will only continue to rise too, as Weekend League Rewards on Thursday mean that we will get a huge influx of coins. There will be plenty of OP players packed, giving us a nice opportunity to snipe, but as a whole, they will rise back up due to demand over supply.

What does this mean for us in terms of investing? It means get buying cards! They may be higher in price than yesterday, but they will continue in that direction. Getting in early means that you’re maximising your profit.

If you’re worried that it won’t work, simply sell in 24 hours time, before Weekend League Rewards, however, we can expect prices to continue on the up until the next big promo (Scream Team!)

Take a look at pro players teams on YouTube or Twitter, find some players you think that lots of players will use and get invested.

Alternatively, look for some players with nice price points, large price ranges, great stats and easy links. Here’s some examples I can find:

What you may notice about these players is the rating too. Consider a player like Fred.

He is likely to be used in tons of squads. With great stats and great links, we can certainly expect a nice high price tag on him. One thing we can’t be certain of though is that he is very low rated, and with huge amounts of packs expected to be opened, could we see an initial drop in these player prices? (Especially if too many people are invested in his card already).

I expect players like him to rise over the next few weeks still, but just be warned that it could all change depending on pack weight, which may just effect the amount he can rise over time too.

Take things into your own hands, pick some unique players that you think we be heavily used in Weekend League Squads, and get buying now, before it’s too late!

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