FUTMAS is here and we have a plan (sort of) that we’re taking when it comes to this event.

As of right now, you should be holding TOTW cards and mid range high chem cards (83/84), which is exactly what I’ve been advising day in and day out. Lucky for us, we’re in the profit zone!

Take a look at some of these cards:

Juan Mata bought at 1.6k is now selling for 3k and still rising, given that POTM is now here and he is also outbid packs!

Or the likes of Gundogan, also up in price

But it’s not just the EPL guys because of POTM, take a look at one of my highly recommended safe players I mentioned multiple times to pick up:

This is all hype for FUTMAS, as big things are happening

Wether you did or didn’t get involved here’s the plan…

Thursday Icons

Tomorrow is Thursday, the day that Icon SBCs are usually released, and we haven’t seen one in quite a while now! Because of this, the expiring of Icon Set 3 on Saturday, as well as the huge anticipation for Base Icon SBCs, I’m 99.9% sure we’re seeing Icon related content tomorrow.

I don’t want to get your hopes is, but dropping a Baby Icon SBC at the start of FUTMAS actually makes tons of sense given that the high end market is starting to drop, as well EA wanting a reason to take cards and coins off the market just before the event starts, to make people want to buy more FIFA Points. If it’s coming this year, it’s tomorrow.

But we’re not going to invest blindly, instead we will wait until AFTER 18:00 GMT tomorrow before we invest, and here’s what we’re choosing:

In the event that an Base Icon SBC drops, high rated cards will boom in price. As a result, many players will sell their investments to complete this SBC, and so there will be a huge drop in value for 83 Rated players. We are buying as many as possible if this happens

• If an Icon SBC drops and needs lots of TOTW cards, we will likely be selling our TOTW investments and looking to purchase anything that drops. This will more than likely be the higher rated cards (86-87) however depending on the SBCs requirements, it may be the lower rated cards (83/84)

• If there are no SBCs we will be waiting until the beginning of FUTMAS (Friday)

• Given that low rated players aren’t needed, and drop in value on Friday, we will sell all of our TOTW investments and purchase as many of these 83/84 Rated players

The main idea behind waiting is that if 1 things goes up, the other goes down. If we see an Icon SBC of any sort, we will see panic selling in one area and panic buying in another. We always jump onto the panic selling to make our investments, because we’re almost always getting a great deal

Expect an update article on what we’ve chosen Exactly tomorrow!

If you’re looking to spend coins now, purchase any 81 Rated players from this TOTW at a price of 12.5k and under!

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