We’ve hit a bit of a problem… there isn’t much to invest in right now, at least not today. We do however have this weekend to wait for some OTW players to rise, as well as some new potential link investments.

The current prices all over the low end market are way too high for all of the currently available SBCs

And because of the new TOTW SBC that dropped today, the prices of 83/84 rated players are also too high

So I expect these players to drop in value starting next week, and so we won’t be buying into these players.

As for the high end market (big players) I’m expecting these to begin to rise in a few weeks, when we have players opening more packs and completing less SBCs, but this is also something we don’t have to worry about.

If you weren’t already aware, OTW Winter is ser to drop soon (start of February) meaning that OTW cards are up in value. We can take advantage of this and invest without the worry of these cards dropping in value, but the potential of rising if they’re up for an IF.

That’s why I recommend these players:

All can be picked up under 30k, and all play this weekend, and so they have a chance, even if it is a small one, of getting upgraded. These guys will continue to rise, I predict around 35k+ as we get closer to next month where OTW Winter drops and we see SBCs needing these cards.

Essentially, this promo will let players put in a OTW card along with a few other requirements, and get back out a random OTW card. With Ronaldo on the line, plenty of players will be opening them.

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