If we look at yesterday’s guide, we picked up plenty of players, however we haven’t really seen much movement. Don’t worry, we’re not expecting players to turn huge profits overnight on these investments. OTW is in packs for 10 more days (11 in total), ending at 17:59 GMT October 9th. The main bulk of packs have been opened now and were looking for a slow but consistent rise each day from tomorrow.

Whilst it may sound like bad news that we’re not turning over huge profits overnight, it is also a benefit to us too. It gives us a longer window of opportunity to pick up more players. If you plan to open packs, now is the time to do so. Whilst the market may be at an all time low, there are plenty of cards up for grabs with a lot of value. Any coins you make from these packs can also simply be reinvested into our choices. For those that aren’t planning to buy FIFA points, we need to be trading to make as many coins as possible in order to buy more investments whilst they’re still cheap. Il be releasing up to 3 guides over the course of today on how to make coins to boost your total and begin to buy more investments.

For now though, we’re looking to sell a few cards, starting with Smolov OTW.

Yesterday we picked him up for 13,500 coins as he was very easy to snipe, being listed often. I managed to pick up a few very cheap too

Lokomotive Moscow play at 17:00 GMT today, so in 4 hours time. Right now, there’s a lot of hype surrounding OTW cards due to Anderson scoring today. I won’t be risking the investment by holding through the match and will instead simply sell them now whilst people buy him before his game.

List your cards one by one waiting for them to sell, as to not crowd the market with them. You will be undercut as a result if you do. I will hold onto 1 in my club ready to sell if he does score.

I’ve sold mine for 18,000 coins a card.

When it comes to OTW Malcom, it’s a tough one. He was 59k very early in the morning for a few hours, and is now back down to a regular price of 50k. I think he could drop in price later today so I plan to sell before his game at 15:15 GMT still. Il be happy to sell him for 52,000+ because that’s still profit, even if it’s a few coins. Again I won’t be risking holding him until he scores, I’d rather buy him back after his game today for cheaper.

The plan is to buy these two OTW cards as cheap as possible after their matches as they will hopefully be mass listed and undercut. Smolov will likely be the better choice for this.

For now, trade up coins and keep buying players, it will prove more than worth while in a weeks time when they have all risen.

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