Weekend League Rewards are finally here and with tons of coins in players pocket, the high end gold market, inform market and Icon market is booming! Prices are on there way up still. Whilst they may jolt up and down throughout the days, effected by a the Weekend League itself, Squad battle rewards and so on, the prices of these players will in general head up in value, until we get close to the next promo, Scream Team.

But we’re not here to talk about that. They’re heading up in price and people are buying and selling but there is another part of the market that people are forgetting about, but not us…

You may have guessed it yourself, it’s the OTW market. Everyone is selling off their OTW cards to purchase players that already have the stats that they want, and have already sold them to find investments that have risen today. Not only that, but this weekend won’t see matches due to the international break.

The OTW market is actually down in value, and we’re getting ready to buy nice and early, before others jump onto it and get ready for the international games.

Who To Invest In?

Let’s begin by finding out who is playing, as these will be the players that are effected on the market.

ACoN = African Cup of Nations

UNL = UEFA Nations League

F = International Friendly


Guinea v Rawanda 12/10 [ACoN]

Belgium v Switzerland 12/10 [UNL]

Algeria v Benin 12/10 [ACoN]

Greece v Hungary 12/10 [UNL]

Brazil v Saudi Arabia 12/10 [F]


Holland v Germany 13/10 [UNL]

Senegal v Sudan 13/10 [ACoN]


Portugal v Scotland 14/10 [F]

Russia v Turkey 14/10 [UNL]


Greece v Finland 15/10 [UNL]


Holland v Belgium 16/10 [F]

Senegal v Sudan 16/10 [ACoN]

Guinea v Rawanda 16/10 [ACoN]

Brazil v Argentina 16/10 [F]

France v Germany 16/10 [UNL]

Algeria v Benin 16/10 [ACoN]

The problem with these matches is that there isn’t much hype surrounding them.

Because of this we have three options.

Option 1:

Watch matches and purchase players that score goals as soon as they score

Option 2:

Invest in players now and hope that they do very well. Sell if they are rumoured to get into TOTW

Option 3:

Set up alerts to know when to invest in players

I will be explaining and going with option 3.

Start by downloading the app “SofaScore” on your mobile device.

Go ahead and open up the application and select Football as the sport you want to follow.

From here, you can either choose to follow the entire ACoN and UNL competitions and get notifications for everything in every match, or you can go through and hand select all of the matches listed above. You will have to follow the Friendly matches by hand.

Make sure you have the apps notifications on. Whenever you get a notification, check what it is. If a OTW player has scored/assisted, quickly get into the web app and purchase the player.

You will have a slightly longer window to buy players as much less people will be ready to invest in these cards.

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