With Carniball finally over, and the player SBCs beginning to expire, there is a lotando confusion as to what the next big promo is. As of right now, we don’t actually know what it is, however I believe I know what will happen. With Carniball only just ending, they won’t go straight into a new promo out of an old one, it simply wouldn’t make sense.

Let’s be honest, FUT Birthday is a huge day for FIFA, and this year marks the 10th Birthday, a milestone that MUST be celebrated.

FUT Birthday occurs on March 19th, which is this Tuesday. This seems like quite an odd time to drop a promo, and so it would make sense to drop it on the following Friday (22nd) for the following reasons:

  • New Promos usually start on a Friday, and not mid week
  • There are no weekly objectives surrounding FUT Birthday like predicted
  • EA won’t miss out on celebrating the 10th year of FUT
  • Money is to be made by EA, and so content will drop
  • We always get at least a 1 week break between promos

And so FUT Birthday looks likely. We recently had an update to fifa that introduced a new promo, but it is called “FUT Mashup” and so whilst there is lots of speculation as to what this is, I believe that this is FUT Birthdays equivalent, but even bigger promo!

Today finally marked the day that the Ultimate Scream Team updated, and introduced a single 95 and 96 stat on each card.

These boosts are insane, just take a look at Deeney…

That card is insane! So insane in fact, that this is how his price changed…

From 20k to extinct at 50k, in a matter of minutes.

That’s some serious profit potential! And so we want to recreate that for the next wave of upgrades, so here is the plan:

First, we are waiting for the next promo, wether this is FUT Birthday or something different, a new promo means panic on prices, and panic means that there will be deals to be had.

When the next promo is announced, we will watch the prices of a few of the cheaper Scream Cards. The plan is to buy them whilst they’re undesirable now, and sell them once they get massive upgrades.


Cheap with huge potential, Denayer is yet to receive some super desirable stats, however there is huge potential for the next boost to do his card good:

This is the safer option as his card is already close to discard now, but it is unlikely that there will be too much hype surrounding his card.

A couple other cards with potential are Verratti and Pepe

We won’t be investing yet as these players haven’t dropped in value yet, and we’re waiting for the next big promo to drop first. The next set of upgrades will occur on April 12th which is still 4 week away. We will take another look at player prices when the further drop.


EA dropped the new MOTM cards much earlier than they ever have been, the earliest they have dropped it is 00:00 and the latest is 04:30 so for them to drop it today at 19:00 is a little bit odd!

None the less, the official MOTM cards look insane!

We will completely rule out trading with a few cards first of all:

CR7 and Messi are going to be hella expensive and so I highly doubt there will be enough player rushing to buy these cards and push their prices up significantly.

Giroud and Soucek are the others to be ignored, simply because they are cards that will drop to discard value (~15k) and won’t rise again after.

I’m looking at trying to flip Mane, Sané and Aubameyang as they’re very desirable players, but also aren’t too expensive to be investing in (although they still are pretty expensive!)

We usually invest in MOTM cards around 3 hours after they’re released. This is because they drop in price due to almost no buyers, and then suddenly rise significantly when people realise how rare the cards are and are after them for their teams.

Prices are continuing to drop, and the 3 hour mark will occur at 22:00 GMT however we can’t be sure that this will be the very lowest value for the players.

This is because they have dropped much earlier, when lots of the EU are awake. I believe that it could be a good idea to continue watching the prices after 22:00 and potentially buy much later than usual, sometime after 00:00 simply because the EU players begin to go to sleep and stop picking up deals.

Either way, we will continue to monitor prices, purchase late at night and flip again in the afternoon tomorrow when EU players are back on for the weekend to play the WL and purchase some of these new MOTM cards, pushing prices up.

We also should take note that they’re in packs until 20th March (Wednesday) and so we could buy these players just before they go out of packs once again.

One thing for us to be carful of is if EA announce a new promo on the 21st and prices on the market drop all around, so we should probably sell up early on Thursday, rather than later to be safe.

When to Sell High 83+ Cards

I know that many of us are currently holding a ton of high rated cards still that we want to sell off

We are in luck! The new SBCs that dropped for the final day of the Carniball promo are great value for money, meaning that more players are completing SBCs, and more people are buying higher rated cards, keeping prices up.

Rudiger is great value needing only an 83 and 84 Rated Team

Matthaus is also cheap for his card (~1.9m) for an end game card. Lots of players are bored of waiting for great SBCs to drop and are completing this one because of it.

Whilst they’re no where near as high as I would have liked them, they’re still up in value. Because of this, and the fact that we are coming out of a promo, I highly recommend simply trying to sell to lazy buyers for 1-2k more coins per card, but only if you don’t have 100’s to sell.

If you do have tons of cards to sell though, I’d highly recommend trying to sell them off a bit closer to actual price and get rid of them quicker. We want to start going liquid (no assets, but lots of coins) before Wednesday.

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