We’ve talked about this filter in the past and yes it is back again. Abuse it whilst it is here. Sniping TOTW cards for low prices and shifting them for profit is the easiest that it has ever been before.

We’re not just limited to TOTW cards however, as we want to maximise our profits…

Let’s start with the method. Set up the following filter:

And hit search. Scroll to the 59th minute and buy everything that we can sell for 13k or more.

This is what my first search looked like:

We can ignore UCL players, we aren’t interested in these guys. The reason that this method works so well is because others are too lazy to scroll to the 59th minute to snipe past the UCL cards, which means there’s less competition.

We want to buy any TOTW cards that pop up. That is every single once of them. If you win it, list it up for 13k.

The method really is as easy as that.

Let’s talk numbers for a moment…

Selling at 13k returns 12,350 coins. Because we’re buying at 12k, we make 350 coins on each card. We do have the option to win these cards for as little as 10,250 coins which means that each snipe will net you between 350-2,100 coins. You will win most of your cards for between 11,500-12,000 coins though.

Once you search once however, you need to change the filter slightly, otherwise the search results won’t update. So I change the min start price down once to 9,900, and search again:

You will struggle to win the 81 rated cards, especially if they’re listed under 12,000 coins, so you have to be quick on them.

This method doesn’t end here however, as we can increase the coins we’re making. Let’s look out for OTW cards too:

The cards you will see turn up are these guys

If you have a high budget like me, then pick them up for 12k and under and relist for 13k. They don’t always sell straight away, so it may take 1-2 listings. If you have a low budget however, then don’t pick them up unless you can get them for 11,500 or less, as you will want to list them up for 12,500 for a quicker sale.

The same goes for these two players who you will still see turn up, but not as often:

The last player that doesn’t turn up very often at all but still occasionally is Mariano, so be quick to pick him up if you see him

We can stretch out the things we buy a step further too. Occasionally you will see an old TOTW player turn up:

These guys are great because you can usually win these cards and they sell for a bit extra too. Check the prices of these cards before you sell them

The type of players to pick up is extended even further, when you look into Scream Cards. These guys can sell anywhere from 13-15k so 100% buy them if you see them as they’re quite common

To finish off what you can buy with this method, we have the final type of item that has the biggest reward but is hardest to get. That is high rated and expensive special cards. They do turn up whenever someone accidentally Min lists a special card which is perfect for us. Here are two cards I didn’t win in the space of a minute:

It’s safe to say I was annoyed. I have won many players in the past however, so I know it is very possible to win them!

Most cards won’t instantly sell, but they will sell within the hour. If they don’t, just relist them. If you really aren’t getting sales after a few listings (this shouldn’t be the case anyway) then list for 12,750 as you will still make profit

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