Hey Guys!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Sean ( TheLazyTrader ). I started trading in FIFA 14 (my favorite FIFA) and it has lead me to fall in love with a virtual market over the past 5 years (wow thats a long time). As a 22 year old I hold a Business Economics degree from GWU in Washington DC (NA all day baby). By day I work at a tech startup, by night and early morning I’m a FIFA trader / content creator.


What is the best way to learn my methods?

Follow my twitch channel ( twitch.tv/thelazytrader ) Here I will show my daily methods to make coins all the time (position changes and silver trading) I show these on stream because I am comfortable with a little a competition as I am one of the best Silver traders in the game. I will also be posting updates to this website, my twitter ( @thelazytrader_ ) and in my discord channel.


Why should I trust you?

I’m not here to win the trust over of every single one of you. If you like grinding out trading sessions where you make 100k+ then my streams are the best place for you. ( Subs do get additional content + 1 on 1 trading sessions ). Other than those perks for supporting my stream, all of my content is FREE! Why? because my schedule is so hectic that I can’t guarantee a stream schedule and consistently. I will be tweeting thoughts on investments and quick flips though. If I’m not the trader for you to follow that is fine, there are tons of other great traders out there. ( everyones gotta eat ).


Whats something different that you bring to the table?

Throughout FIFA 18 I was a competitive player representing RaPz Rebellion. I was invited to play in multiple DC United tournaments. Very early on I had an understanding of the “Meta” players. Gathering an understanding for what players are useable before the next guy is huge, it increases your profit margin in fact. Im sure many of you guys saw Nick from RTFM make a killing on Valencia last year. He hit the perfect combination; that is (Rarity + Demand). Valencia cemented himself as one of the best RBs in the game as a TOTW 1 card. Look for me to be trading with players that perfect link to these types of cards, especially cards that I can position change to increase value.


With the web app around the corner (no literally around the corner) I hope you guys are ready to start off with a bang. Invest early and often.

Your Neighborhood Spiderman (trader)

-Sean (TheLazyTrader)

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