Let’s start by taking a look into another mistake made by EA and how we can capitalise on their mistake…

As we can see, he is supposed to be a MOTM, but instead was given out as his regular NIF card.

This issue has since been corrected, however anyone that packed him over the past couple of days still haven’t received a MOTM version.

EA will compensate every single player that packed his NIF with a Tradable MOTM version. What this means is that thousands of players will receive the same Tradable card at the exact same time. This is a case of huge sudden supply.

When this happens, the market will be flooded with MOTM De Ligt Cards, as everyone that receives him will try to sell him off at the exact same time.

Currently, he is quite high in price, but around 1-2 hours after players are given their Tradable MOTM cards, his price will plummet very quickly, as players continue to undercut each other.

This card will be very much in demand too, so look out for a message in the Discord chat or alternatively a tweet from my Twitter, noting that he is being put into players account. Whilst I don’t have a set target price, a 15-20k price drop on both consoles would be very nice as he will rebound close to his current price once out of packs again.


Over the weekend we see OTW players scoring goals, and slowly dropping in value after their match until once again they begin to rise as the OTW makes its way into many different TOTW predictions. This week is no different…

Al-Hilal managed a 2-1 win where Giovinco scores both goals to secure the win.

It’s looking extremely likely that he will make his way into plenty of TOTW 25 predictions, and so the hype for his IF will bring his OTW up in value

At a price of 15-16k, this card will make us a nice chunk of profit.

I expect predictions to start hitting twitter on Monday at around mid-day, so a great sell time will be between Monday night and and time on Tuesday. We can expect anywhere from 17-20k from this card, potentially more if almost predictions include him.

Thursday Flips

On the topic of TOTW, Liverpool’s 5-0 win over Watford will surely see 1-2 TOTWs from the team

The players predicted to make it into TOTW include VVD for 2 goals and a clean sheet, Alexander-Arnold for 3 assists and a clean sheet and Robertson for 2 assists and a clean sheet.

Either way, it looks like a defender from Liverpool will make their way into TOTW. A great link to every option, including the small chance of Mane making it into TOTW 25, would be either Fabinho or Wijnaldum

My favourite investment is Fabinho by far, due to his extremely cheap price, the fact that he’s an incredibly meta player, not only for Liverpool, but for the EPL as a whole, as well as being a defensive midfielder, meaning he will be linking to any of the players who will also be extremely meta. At this price, I see no reason for him not to fly in price on next Thursday. At 13.5k and under, he’s a great pick up.

Whilst I don’t see Wijnaldum being as profitable, I’m still seeing a very usable midfielder from Liverpool, who can also get a perfect link to VVD. He is also a relatively rare card which means that his price will rise much more easily than other cards. Under 40k is a solid price for a card as old as this one.

Predictions made surround Barcelona include Rakitic and Lenglet often, as well as some predictions of a Pique TOTW card. To me, these possibilities point to a single player. At first I had considered Malcom MOTM for a strong link to Rakitic, but instead I’ve chosen IF Nelson Semedo, due to his links to all of the above players

I wouldn’t pay more than 38k on either console though for this card. He is however a very rare card with very few on the market available. Aside from Carvajal, there aren’t many great options for the RB position, so this investment could potentially do very well.

The remainder of TOTW involves some Man United Players, including Lukaku, however there are no real investments that link to him that I would confidently be buying, as there are just too many possible links to him. Another potential TOTW is Lewandowski, and the only major investment that could follow him would be IF Coman

A very cheap card for his stats, and with the potential link to Lewandowski, I do quite like the look of this card coming up to Thursday. Unfortunately, OTW Goretzka needs 10 FUT Swap items and so won’t be picked up for free by anyone any time soon which would have given me much more confidence in investing in Coman

We do still have more games to be played tonight, and so I will update the Discord, should there be more investments I feel we should be making.

Someone like Lala is nice and easy to get and so with the right Ligue 1 players getting TOTWs, we could see a use for investing in some Ligue 1 players, but for now, we will have to wait for more matches to finish up today.

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