As per usual, we will dive into the latest TOTW to potentially drop, and also some link investments for hopefully some very tasty flips!

Here is one of the better predictions I’ve managed to come across so far:

The latest TOTW looks quite week unfortunately, meaning that there is very minimal things we can really do with it. With that said, it won’t stop us from investing.

First, we should take note that some players have the potential to receive TOTW cards that are better than previous special cards, that are also just valuable cards in players teams (not SBC fodder!)

What we can do is watch how their prices change on Wednesday when the official TOTW is announced. I’m looking in particular at Di Maria and Mertens for this. On Wednesday at 15:00, TOTW will be announced and anyone with a previous special version of these players will begin to panic sell their cards. At around 15:30-17:30, there will hopefully be a great time to pick up the previous special cards for much cheaper prices, due to panic selling.

One of the better investments will likely be MOTM Di Maria, and il be aiming for 110k on XB1 and 115k on PS4.

Mertens is a bit more tricky, due to having a lower rated special card potentially dropping, but I will be looking out for any panic on these cards, potentially looking at buying around the 410k mark on XB1 and 425k on PS4.

The EPL are very much lacking in great players, and so is LaLiga, with the Serie A and Ligue 1 players taking over this TOTW, alongside some Bundesliga players too.

We must not forget about the new MOTM cards that dropped recently!

They’re very easy to forget, but they go out of packs on Wednesday at 00:00, making buy day Tuesday for these cards.

Mane looks like a very solid card for many teams, but il be playing this card safe and trying to buy for 325k on PS4 and 305k on XB1 (these prices may just be a bit of a stretch)

Sane is yet another EPL LW card which is why I also want to play his card safe and aim for 235k on XB1 and 265k on PS4.

To me, Aubameyang comes across as just straight up too expensive. I think he has potential to rise more out of packs, but he’s a much higher price than I was expecting him to be.

With all of these cards, we could have a new event announced on Monday/Tuesday (FUT Birthday) which would cause prices to drop all over the market, including these guys, where we may discuss some further target prices should they drop a lot suddenly.

Speaking of the new promo, a lot of you guys wanted to know how exactly we can invest for the promo…

First we need to understand that the market will be dropping significantly all around, including in the high rated cards area. This means that investing in high rated cards is a big no for this event. Sure, we may see some new FlashBack SBCs as well as some new Icon SBCs, but it doesn’t mean that prices will rise on these cards, as seen in all events before this one.

This is also the reason that we have been going liquid over this weekend and selling up all of our cards. I strongly recommend doing this if you haven’t already!!!

We will also likely receive some FUT Birthday cards in the form of SBCs that won’t really affect the market all that much, as well as a full team in packs which will, if anything, help continue lower the prices on the market.

Staying mostly liquid now means that if prices on he market drop again, which I see no reason for them not to, we will have much higher buying power than other players because we sold up our cards already.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t invest in anything though…

First of all, we received TOTW Tradable SBCs once again. To my surprise, we haven’t actually had as many of these Upgrade SBCs as previous years, and now I believe that we are very much overdue another one of these. As usual, this will mean that 83’s will no longer be discard, and 84’s will gain some extra value too.

As of right now, 83 rated cards can be picked up for discard value, meaning there is no risk at all to picking up these cards. 84 cards are gonna cost you around 2.4k each though. Because of this, I can’t see 84 Rated players rising very much when players will simply submit 83s into the SBC due to being much cheaper and still being able to meet the rating requirement.

Investing in 83s at discard value is pretty much a dead investment at this point, unless you’re very low on coins. If you’re not sat on many coins right now, this could be a nice investment still for you, however I would recommend waiting to trade using lightening rounds during the promo instead.

84’s I will actually be avoiding completely this time around, as I think the investment in them as a whole will be pretty dead. I could easily be very wrong here and they may reach 3k, but I’m not a huge believer in this at all, especially with how poor this TOTW is looking to be.

We will likely also receive the TOTW 1-26 Upgrade SBC. People will do this SBC, especially when requirements look like this…

This would certainly make 83 rated players boost up in price an absolute ton more than other cards in the game.

There isn’t that much to really invest in when it comes to FUT Birthday, as the majority of the market will just be dropping in price. This is why I say that we should be mass bidding during lightening rounds and then selling when the rounds are over. Easy coins this way, especially if you have plenty to be bidding with. This will also be great because 83s will likely be our target players for mass bidding, buying them cheap and selling them on once again.

To finish off, I would be taking a look into some of the cheapest available TOTWs. If possible, we’re looking to get our hands on any 81 Rated TOTWs close to discard price. There is a good chance that FUT Birthday is delayed until Friday, meaning it’s announced on Thursday at night, giving us the entirety of Wednesday and Thursday morning to pick up any TOTWs that drop to discard. This is a pretty small window, but one that will reward you nicely.

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