A new week means a new set of special cards, and were planning to get some Thursday Flips in. If you haven’t started already, I recommend trying to sell off your higher rated investments as there is a strong chance that they don’t go as high as many people expect them to. To me it looks as if EA want to keep prices down for a while.

We actually have a few different sets of players to be taking a look at, as not only will we receive TOTW 26, but we have also had a large amount of the Carniball Squad, and MOTM cards!

Let’s start by taking a look at just how many players there are from the Bundesliga. First, there are 3 from Carniball

It’s also worth noting that 2 of these are from Bayern. Next, we have FUT Swap players, and a very desirable one too:

Another from Bayern once again. Then we also have a couple of TOTW predictions:

Where it looks like we will likely get 1-2 Bundesliga Defenders with some half decent stats, potentially a midfielder in Kramaric, as well as another Bayern player, this time at RB, in the form of SIF Kimmich.

If we put them all into a squad, we can get an idea of who we should look to purchase (although you may already know who I’m about the suggest…)

I personally believe that players will likely be after a CB for their teams, especially with Kimmich and Goretzka only just joining players teams, although a LB could also be worth getting ahold of. As you may already know, there’s only 1 stand out player in each of these positions…


The best LB in the Bundesliga by far, and at an incredible price point, I think this card has great potential, but not huge potential, and we will have to see just how well this card does. I’m aiming for 14k and under for both consoles, so you may have to keep checking the price on XB1 until you see some deals available.

With all of this said, I think Alaba can still do very well, being so much better than the other currently available LB’s


Anything at 21k and under is a great buy, ready to sell again on Thursday, the perfect link to many of the players available, who is also a meta card, and the 2nd best CB in the Bundesliga, right behind Upamecano but at his price of 350k+, he will not be the number 1 choice of CBs.

I think that this investment is further helped by the possibility of a new TOTW 26 Leno card. A German link into Leno could do him great.

Leno has a good chance of getting into TOTW, and so we can make a great investment to him, although this comes at the risk of Leno not making TOTW 26 and so the investment goes nowhere


If we can pick up Sokratis on XB1 at 40k and under, as well as 39k and under on PS4, then this could be a solid investment. There are lots of new EPL players that also will link to this card, and Sokratis is a very cheap player for how good he is out of the selection of EPL CB’s. If you need to pick up the OTW version instead, then do that, as they usually sit at a very close price to each other.

Here are some of the players in the EPL that are new and would link to the card:

Bellerin gives me much better hopes of Sokratis being a great pick up.

Kompany is a player I’m not so sure about however, as he is very expensive for what he is and so I’m unsure if players will have this card. Either way, it could be worth picking up a link to him…


Walker is already up in price since the release of the Kompany SBC, which makes me think that this investment won’t do anywhere near as well as the others.

For now, these guys will be some of my main buys

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