What is the next big investment?

How can I maximise all of my earnings?

What is the best way to make coins right now?

These are just a few of the questions that you will have throughout the year, but also in particular right now. This guide will take you through the gameplan as we approach TOTS…


Team of the Tournament Knockout Stage is almost in full effect, with the initial loading screen being publicly available, we all know that something big is happening…

TOTKS is set to drop on Friday 18:00 GMT

If you read one of my previous guides No Promo No Crash then the idea surrounding any promotions dropping causing prices to fall won’t be unfamiliar.

Without going into huge detail, a new promo has been confirmed, and so we can likely expect a lot of coins to be spent and for the market to drop as a whole.

TOTKS has been hyped up enough to consider it a full promo, and so we could see (speculative) anything such as:

  • UCL Upgrade SBCs
  • UCL Moment Player SBCs
  • TOTKS Squad
  • TOTKS Guarantee SBC
  • New UCL Live Cards
  • UCL Live Card SBCs

The list just keeps on going, but essentially we could be seeing some serious coin drains dropping, and as a result, the majority of the market will be dropping in price.

Because of this, I HIGHLY recommend that you begin to sell up your club.

Almost everything right now is selling, which is insane, and we haven’t seen this for quite a while!

With that said, we can also get investing in some new cards…

A lot of speculation has began surrounding the UCL Premium Upgrade SBC, as this is handing out everything from TOTGS to UCL Live Cards into players clubs.

Because of this, a potential requirement could in fact be one of these card types.

This is not a “guaranteed profit” investment however, and is a huge risk that you will have to decide if you’re willing to take.

The first of which is a TOTGS Card:

The cheapest available card right now is in fact Dzeko but if you know the value of this card, it’s certainly nowhere near 38k. This card is worth the same as any other SBC fodder 86, which is currently around 25k (SELL YOUR CARDS ALREADY!)

This would make Dzeko as an investment, a very stupid idea, as you will almost certainly be losing a lot of coins on him. Even if he were to continue rising, the profit is not worth the amount of coins that you’re gambling away.

We can make a slightly less risky investment however…

Fekir is worth around 40k as his card holds value due to being usable. This means that should TOTGS Card not be needed, then this card may only drop to 40k, and so you would lose less coins.

If you’re a huge risk taker, then TOTGS cards as an investment could be the way to go. Personally, I will not be buying these cards though, simply because the risk to reward ratio is simply way too low.

What if TOTGS cards aren’t needed? You lose coins. What if TOTGS cards are needed but the SBC just isn’t very good? You lose coins. What if we get an SBC that guarantees a TOTGS? You lose coins…

As you can tell, there are more ways to lose coins on an investment like this, than there are to make them. If you’re holding TOTGS cards, I would sell now. This just informs you to both sides of the story surrounding these cards as an investment.

A side not as to why I doubt these cards will be needed, is that after Fekir and Dzeko, Rakitic is the next cheapest at 85k! These cards simply aren’t reasonable to be putting into an SBC, unless the SBC is chucking out huge rewards.

Another possibility, one that isn’t anywhere near as risky and could be worth investing in is the UCL Live Cards.

No I don’t mean the ones that are still being upgraded, but instead the ones that are now worth very little:

A card like this is currently inflated in price, but is much more reasonable to be needed as SBC fodder. It’s still extremely risky as an investment, due to being able to fall significantly in price. You could lose up to half your coins on a card like this.

Once again, il personally stay away from these cards due to a high risk factor, but it’s always good to know your options. If you do choose to go down this route, it may be worth paying more and getting more.

Whilst not the cheapest card, Philipp still holds value at roughly 18-19k coins, so even if the investment flops, you’re not really going to lose many coins, unlike with the Pulisic card. You only pay a little extra but will also have a safety net for your coins.

This could even be stretched as far as Fahrmann

He will almost always hold value at around 28k (Until TOTS), making this as an investment, relatively low risk, but with much less profit potential. This is a very valuable trade off.

If you’re looking to copy my investments however, you will be staying away from these cards, and investing in the following…

Usually when everyone is investing in the same thing, it’s a bad investment, or if it’s too obvious, it’s also a bad investment, but TOTW cards are usually the exception to this…

Here are the cheapest 81 rated TOTWs and as you can see, the 3 that are currently in packs are the cheapest, with Machis, Hunterlaar and Funes Mori all making their way into the list.

What is more than likely to be needed in any TOTKS SBCs? The answer you’re looking for is TOTW cards. Every single time they’re needed, and even if not for TOTKS, then they will still likely be very useful for Bundesliga POTM which also drops on Friday around mid-day.

What is even better is that they’re very cheap anyway, and will rise once out of packs without a doubt, as they will even be useful going into TOTS.

Lacking any real links to anyone will likely mean that this card is underinvested in, but will also struggle to rise in value. Take a look at Camilo Vargas, who rose from 12k to around 15k but in the space of 5 weeks…

It’s a good idea to get one in the club but I wouldn’t look to mass invest here.

Hunterlaar does in fact offer some links to other players, with the Eredivise holding a few SBC fodder players as well as Dutch links. The card itself is not any good, with just 58 pace being the biggest downfall of this card in actual gameplay. I expect the card to rise as SBC fodder none the less, and is super cheap, meaning you can likely sell this card on for 14.5-15.5k once out of packs.

Once again lacking in good stats, however we know that LaLiga players ALWAYS rise in value the most, due to having so many links to other cards. It’s a shame that Funes Mori isn’t Spanish too as this helps prices rise significantly too, but we can’t complain too much as this card is nice and cheap.

I expect this card to sell for 16k+ once out of packs however it may be heavily invested in, so this rise may take longer than you would expect. Be warned.

Previous years have seen requirements include an 82 and an 83 Rated Team with very low chemistry requirements. If you’re on a lower budget, then these investments are for you!

82 Rated players are a great way to go as there is lots of choice and they also aren’t inflated. Try to find high chemistry cards too, such as top 5 league players, top nations and positions from Defenders or Midfielders. Look to play as close to discard as possible and you will soon be looking at huge % rises in these kind of cards.

It is possible that 83 Rated cards could rise but with such a large supply and so little demand, as well as no guarantee they will be needed or that chemistry requirements will be so low, I will avoid them completely.

I like to invest in safer methods, cards that I’m certain will rise, and due to so much of the market being set to drop, and without any real guarantees, I want to reiterate that I recommend selling up as much as possible. Huge amounts of the market is currently inflated heavily, take the profits you can and run.

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