Investments can be either a major risk, or can be super safe, and depending on what sort of investing you’re into, then you will go into a certain direction.

Here are some investments that are pretty safe and could have some very nice payouts…

Recently, EA released a set of MOTM cards into packs for a limited time, and they will be out of packs on Wednesday.

If you missed my entire tutorial when it comes to trading with MOTM cards, check it out here:

With that out of the way, there is another layer to this that we can take a look at and that is SBC fodder.

These new MOTM cards are in packs for a limited time. That means that the supply is completely cut off. If we have lots of players buying these cards with no new supply, then we see prices rise pretty quickly.

Take a look at the cheapest available 86 Rated players. They’re roughly worth 18-19k coins, with CB cards being worth 20k+ due to their chemistry options

Now let’s take a look at a card that doesn’t have value in players teams due to having some pretty bad in game stats:

This is not a player that will make his way into many, if any, teams, and is more of less for Dutch/Ajax fans.

With that said, as SBC fodder, he does offer his own advantages when it comes to SBC chemistry

Ziyech has plenty of SBC fodder worthy cards, but with very few players to link with. The same goes with Tadic too.

Blind is a safer card due to being able to discard his for 15k as well as no new supply being introduced.

It’s worth noting that new supply is possible if we get another UCL Premium SBC.

Next on the list is a card that actually does have some very good stats but is very difficult to link into teams and so has become cheap:

Forrest is sat pretty cheap right now and looks like a great super sub. Whilst he does have a perfect link with a very meta LB, there are no formations where a RM/LB link up, so it looks pretty unlikely, unless one of them were to be played off chem. There is a strong link in the form of Weah, but I still can’t see Forrest making his way into many teams

The cheapest 87 Rated cards are a bit cheaper that Forrest too, making him a step away from being SBC fodder

The only reason I can see this card rising in price is due to great stats as a super sub, as well as being pretty rare on the market. As of writing this guide, there are around 85 available on XB1, likely a few more on PS4.

I would probably recommend trying to pick one up for 30k on XB1.

A couple other cards that I had mentioned earlier include these two:

Great price points compared to other cards of the same rating, however it’s worth mentioning that the prices on the market are continuously dropping as we get closer to TOTS. I’d look to pick up Tadic very soon, being just over the discard price, and Ziyech over the weekend, before he goes out of packs.

Thursday Flipping

Im a big fan of looking into some TOTW predictions, and so let’s start by looking at a prediction by @Simplblue88

Some of the bigger cards in this TOTW could easily give us some great investments.

Ederson offers us links to some EPL CB cards…

Here are where the issues are here though…

Walker is very expensive and it will take a lot to push his price up, simply due to there being much less demand for this card.

Laporte is pretty much extinct as it is, so even if you were to see lots of demand for the card, you can’t sell him for a profit.

Fabinho is also pretty expensive, but not many players first choice at CB.

On top of this, many players will simply make a full EPL defence and won’t need a strong link. This sadly rules out these investments.

Alex Sandro offers a more obvious links…

Douglas Costa is of course the perfect link to Alex Sandro, and he hasn’t really risen much in price. Due to being a high chem 86 card, he’s holding value, as well as being pretty usable. I would definitely consider picking up some of this card now, and then looking to sell BEFORE Thursday.

This is contrary to what Thursday Flipping is about (buying a card that will be in heavy demand when players are buying teams on Thursday to link to their new cards), but I don’t see too much room for profit here.

What I believe will happen is that on Wednesday, players will see that Alex Sandro is in the TOTW, and think that Douglas Costa will suddenly make for a good investment. This will be when the card rises, as the super late investors push up the value of the card, and you sell early, before everyone else.

This may provide a second investing opportunity on Thursday when lots of players sell this card, we could see a dip in price.

This investment of course carries with it a bit of risk, simply because it relies on lots of different things to happen, including Alex Sandro actually making it into TOTW.

What I do like a bit more is that even though the new card doesn’t necessarily mean that lots of players will suddenly go out and buy the card, it will push down the value of the previous TOTW versions of Alex Sandro, so more players can get him into their teams, as well as lots of players will suddenly look to use the already high supply of Headliner versions, which could end up being insane

(No the headliner card is not a good investment, this is likely his peak price with the exception of his new upgrade being stupidly insane which is incredibly unlikely)

Wijnaldum has a decent card, and will likely be way more common in people player picks. This makes for links to the card that but more valueable

The problem here is that the investment possibilities are much larger than the average card. You could go for IF Robertson (either version), or perhaps for Firmino…

The players Im looking at however are these:

Fabinho always rises and falls. Currently at 15k, could see 18k. It’s not much but it’s still profit. I don’t expect much profit unless you see him at any point drop down to 14k and under. None the less, this card is very meta and will always rise and fall over and over.

Mane is a bit more different, as I expect lots of people to want to try out the card before going for his new POTM/TOTKS card.

Speaking of the TOTKS card, this card being in packs, means that this Gold is out of packs, and so we could see a nice spike in price due to a lack of supply in the last week. This card usually has some very nice demand, but still does rely on Wijnaldum getting into the TOTW!

Lenglet is in a very similar position to Wijanldum, as his low rating should see him as a player pick much more often than other cards.

There are a few really nice links to Lenglet too that need to be talked about.

First, I like to ignore GK cards, as people don’t need to get a GK card to fit Lenglet into the team, and there are plenty of other GK cards that could do this.

Semeado is a great card that continues to rise over time. LaLiga lacks very very good RB cards, and so this card always does the trick. With more and more LaLiga special cards, specifically Barcelona ones over the year, there has been an obvious slow rise to this card anyway

Thursday rewards could definitely be the time to sell this card off.

Umtiti looks like a very solid investment too, with loads of things backing this card. Not only is he a high chemistry 87 that sits a few k over the cheapest available, but he also provides the perfect link to Lenglet, and he is also very much usable, and cheap for a good CB card!

The only thing that may stop purchases is the recent large amount of players completing the LaLiga League SBC, and using his pink card instead

But even if they do, this provides some French links into the midfield…

Kondogbia fits the profile very well, being meta and cheap and out of packs. He fits the CM and CDM role too meaning that more formations will need this card.

Similar to Semedo, this card is also a slow riser since his nation change

Alba rises a ton over and over again for Thursday rewards. Whilst not the highest rated LB, he is a very fast one, which players love to see. Providing a nice strong link to a LB position, (arguably the best Thursday flip position alongside RB, followed by CB), this card could definitely turn a profit.

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