Let’s start by looking into our investments and their current progress…

So we went in heavy on those 84 Rated TOTW cards and rightly so, starting with Joan Jordan

Joan Jordan

This card is creeping up slowly. From the 23k Buy price, already up to 25.5-26k, this card is already a success and I see no reason for him not to continue rising. The beginning will be slow as lots of investors will be on this card too, but we will let them sell up first, and once the price rises to the 30k+ mark we will look at selling up, or alternatively even holding on a bit longer to see if we can get 35k+ with the right SBCs dropping


The cheapest 3 prices shown are listings well under this cards value, and we can see that his actual price sits at 23k, which is also 3k up from his 20k buy price tag. I expect this card to keep rising with the constant buying due to having a great position and nation, and also has his uses in the new Hamsik SBC, along with being part of Icon SBC cheap solutions. I believe that we can get 25k out of this card, and should we need some more links to Serie A, could get 27k+ (Despite being a Serie B Player, his Italian link means that he will fit into Serie A SBC solutions a bit easier than other cards)


Not the best investment out of the bunch if I’m being fully honest, however this is set to change with Bundesliga POTM set to drop on Friday 15th, this card will start to rise heavily, even in the hype. Only up 2k so far, but I can see us getting 27k in a couple weeks for this card


Im actually quite surprised to see this card already up 3.5k from 19k, however this is probably due to the lack of investments made into this card, being a GK. I will likely sell up at 24k, as I can’t see him rising very quickly without an SBC that specifically needs this card


Another one of my favourite TOTW 20 investments that we made, Hilton Is up 3k and should continue to rise to 29k relatively quickly. Once there, it could be a good sell time, however if you want to play the long holding game, you can get 32k+ (maybe even 35k+) for him by holding for a little longer than other investors

So now that we can see that all of our TOTW 20 investments are up, it makes for a great time to start looking at TOTW 21 and setting some target prices on these cards.

First off, we need to keep in mind that if we don’t get any promos for a while, then we could see the market start to rise quite a bit, but with a potential OTW Winter promo still possible, and other cards in the database, including a Lunar New Year card and a few other random cards (with no actual designs available) and also Ratings Refresh looking to start up around Friday 22nd of February, the market could simply stay low, which is much more likely.

We will go through the TOTW 21, and any cards that I miss off, Im simply not considering purchasing the card at all due to have too high of a value, or too low of a value to make us any real profit.


Reid is the cheapest EPL TOTW by about 2k coins and depending on requirements for POTM (Low rating + EPL TOTWs needed) will make for a nice quick rise as soon as the SBC drops, given POTM is desirable (cheap cost + good pack rewards + decent POTM card). This card is one to watch today


This is a very interesting card, as it 100% has potential to drop down to 12k during any promo packs, and will easily be picked up as a cheap solution for tons of SBCs. 81 Rated is a Prime rating for TOTW cards being put into SBCs, and Ligue 1 links to this card are absolutely everywhere. Keep an eye out during lightening rounds, and also towards he end of the week. Even at 13k at the end of the week, this is still a card to pick up

Ruben Pena

What we have here is an 81 Rated TOTW (Prime rating for SBC fodder), who is Spanish AND LaLiga (The best nation and League for players) who is also in a RB position (Best position for SBC fodder TOTWs), and he’s just 13k. I don’t think that this card will drop very much, simply because this is the cards low, but I see no need to pick this card up quite yet, and is probably best waiting until Monday to pick him up. Up their with one of my favourite investments from this TOTW (we saw what happened with Joan Jordan)

Campana + De Jong

I’ve bundles these two together because they’re in the same boat. They’re pretty cheap for 82 Rated, but I once again see no real rush to pick them up. De Jong can keep dropping a little more but Campana is at him minimum, we can sell these guys for 13-14k once out of packs

Finnbogason + Orban

Exactly the same scenario as Poulsen from last week on these cards, as a Bundesliga TOTW is just around the corner, so these prices are pretty good, but I probably wouldn’t bother with these cards, simply due to Brandt


German in the Bundesliga, at 84 rating and a CM for 23k is great price with Bundesliga POTM, and for a few extra k you’re covering much more in terms of likelyhood if being needed in an SBC


Recently transferred and already doing bits, this card is incredibly difficult to link into any SBC, but is 85 rated. Whenever we see high rating, low chem and a need for TOTWs, this card is your go to, however this combo doesn’t happen too often. Il be waiting for a much cheaper price before considering picking up, but he is still the cheapest 85 by almost 8k

He will rise higher once out of packs, but probably not by 8k, and more likely by 3-4k

As for other TOTWs, I think the usual will apply, where simply once out of packs, plenty of these TOTWs will start to rise in price, which usually starts late Tuesday/Early Wednesday

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