Not too much has really gone down today. There was a new SBC which is very much worth doing if you haven’t already.

The cheapest way of doing this is to complete some Silver Upgrade Packs to get 9 Gold Players and snipe the 10th, or alternatively snipe all 10 gold players as cheap as possible (500 coins very maximum), and complete the 2 uncommon UCL Players SBC. From here place them both in and stick to a single nation

Now that this is out of the way, let’s take a look into the new TOTW 8.

SIF Werner is currently extinct on both consoles at the cap of 250k. I wouldn’t bother picking this card up as I believe he will go back under 250k with rewards. Don’t pick his card up in the hopes of a price range update because the mass listing will cause a price drop, which will almost definitely cause lots of players to lose coins. Remember that this card has been in packs for 6 hours out of the 168 total hours he will be in packs.

Similar to Werner, Mertens, Quaresma and SIF Anderson are all going to keep dropping further so we will look into their prices once again later into the week.

Stats like these make Romagnoli a very cheap card, so we’re 100% looking to pick this card up for 22k and under on both consoles, however we may even get lucky with prices closer to 20k (anything less than that, buy everything!)

This price is likely to come about when we see rewards drop, speaking of which…

EA have moved Rewards backwards by 11 hours. This will mess with investing times a bit too. This move has likely been made to reduce the stress on servers as well as increase the time available to redeem points for the following Weekend League.

At the end of this guide I will talk about when to buy these players, for now, check out what prices were looking at on each card, as we plan to buy them all at the same time…

This is a list of the lower end TOTW cards, were completely ignoring these cards and won’t be paying them much attention

These two will have some value, but not enough to be buying yet. These are definitely investments to make in 6-7 days time

Chester is the weakest investment of the 81 Rated cheap cards, with the worst links. What usually would be a good price, should be ignored as both Laborde and Joan Jordan make much better investments. Under 11k is our go to price. Laborde is potentially going to be 10.5k during our buy time (last part of this guide) and Jordan at 11k is perfect.

Over on PS4, Chilwell is heading in a direction we like, and if we can get a price of 13.5k on him, we should consider going all in. The perfect player to link into SBCs with a great position, a nice rating and then one of the best nation league combos possible.

On XB1 however, this is another story. This price is way too high to be getting in on, and I can’t really see him dropping enough to pick up. Once again 13.5k is the aim, but I don’t see that happening unfortunately.

I like the idea of Blind becoming discard value with stats like those, especially as an 82 Rated TOTW, which we see hit prices of 13k, being a reasonable sell price.

The second cheapest of the 82 Rated Players, is someone I very much like the look of and will be spending a large majority of my coins on, simply because I think this will make the best investment of TOTW 8

Rongier is not only cheap, but is the perfect position, a strong rating and has great links. You cannot go wrong on this card, and whilst 12k is reasonable for him, anything lower is just pure profit on him, and it shouldn’t be too hard to get lower too. I expect this guy to rise a ton with the Set 3 Icon SBCs. I would look for this card to be reaching 16k pretty easily within the next 8 days, potentially less. That is huge when you consider it like this:

Buying at 11k during our buy time, and selling for 16k (15.2k after tax), that’s a profit percentage of 38%. However much you invest, multiply that number by 1.38 for an expected amount back.

E.G. 1,500,000 x 1.38 = 2,070,000

This could potentially go even higher than this though, as he reminds me of Pacheco from TOTW 6:

Other cards from this TOTW should simply continue to drop throughout the week, so I wouldn’t worry about their prices just yet, with the exception of one player

Valeri is heading towards a good price, beating out the cheapest 83 by almost 2k.

He should continue to drop, so a target price of 15.5k is very reasonable for him and could wield big profits too.

When is Buy time?

Now that Rewards has changed, I believe that buy time on these cards will be between 09:00-10:00 GMT, on Thursday morning, with this being a prime time for active players, opening their rewards and listing up players.

This has potential to be wrong, so we will just have to see how the market reacts to the new changes in place…

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cartish16 · November 8, 2018 at 7:39 am

The times you’ve stated for buying between 9 and this bidding or sniping?

    HarperHype · November 8, 2018 at 11:36 am

    Prices didn’t change all that much but both would have been my choice. My buy window would be today through the day as opening packs is slower than anticipated

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