The Bale SBC has dropped today, and just like predicted, has plenty of expensive requirements along the lines of what we had predicted

As well as this, plenty of the players mentioned have also risen significantly

This SBC is much higher priced than many had expected it to be, coming in at around 1.7m coins with very few good rewards. As a result, very few players will complete this SBC.

On release of the SBC, we saw Bale’s previous and lower rated cards being panic sold:

But once players saw how difficult and expensive it was to get the higher rated card, they settled for the lower rated version and bought the previous card that had before been panic sold, resulting in Bales price to rebound very quickly (within 15 minutes!) to his old price

This could have made for a fantastic quick flip however happened extremely quickly! Very few, if any players, managed to flip Bale unless they bought him for their teams.

As a result of both Bale and VVD SBCs, requiring 13 and 14 TOTW players respectively, the price of TOTW cards has risen dramatically!

Now is looking like a fantastic time to sell off any TOTW cards you may be holding, as many are heavily up in value.

Cheapest 82 Rated TOTWs:

Cheapest 83 Rated TOTWs:

Cheapest 84 Rated TOTWs:

This could mean that we end up getting a TOTW SBC at some time soon, whilst unlikely, could be worth preparing for just in case. I recommend picking up a few of the cheapest 83/84 Rated players and storing them to the club in preparation for these potential SBCs

Cheapest 83 Rated NIFs:

Cheapest 84 Rated NIFs:

Overall, the gold market has dropped in value as a result of the Bale and VVD SBCs, as well as players losing coins to Untradable SBC packs.

This has also pushed down the price of OTW Mahrez slightly. At a target price of 290k on XB1 and 315k on PS4, he looks like a great pickup to either sell in the hype, or during the game on Monday against a much weaker side, Wolves

This match provides Mahrez with some good opportunities to score plenty of goals and potentially bag himself another TOTW card, and will likely becomes one step closer to being one of the more meta RW cards in the game.

I believe that players are completing the Vrsaljko SBC much quicker than I had anticipated and so it could be a good idea to buy up our strong link investments earlier rather than later

Skriniar (43k both consoles)

This card does drop as low as 40k at Points throughout the day and so it could pay off to pick him up a little bit cheaper to save yourself some coins


He’s already increased around 5k on XB1 but has only risen 2k on PS4. I would start to buy up now on PS4 and for XB1 players I would try to buy tomorrow during the Weekend League sell off

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