Big movements have taken place today, TOTY defenders have dropped for 24 hours as expected, however we also received a great surprise in the form of a new TOTY Nominee SBC, which caused a few changes to the market…

We saw TOTY Attackers go into packs and then rise a ton (roughly 1m each) once out of packs, making owners of these cards so big profit even after heavy tax on these cards.

Because of this, many players decided they would buy the midfielders as an overnight flip, only to be met with some pretty rough results:




I put out this tweet explaining the situation:

After ignoring my typo, we can see why this was the case that investors didn’t make their money on these cards and actually lost big chunks too. I believe that this however is a low point for these cards. Panic has taken place creating a sudden drop in prices and so an opportunity to pick these cards up and flip them for a large reward:

Modric has a very high price tag on him, and so the tax on the card is also huge. At a target price of 4.2m on PS4 and 3.7m on XB1, you would need to sell this card for 4,421,000 on PS4 to break even and 3,895,000 on XB1 to break even. Because of this, I would struggle to see much profit on this card, if any at all.

KDB is quite interesting, being such a good card at 2.7m on XB1 and 2.84m on PS4, both consoles saw a drop in price from roughly 3.35m. You would need to get a sale of around 2.95m to break even here which I think is very much possible, but I wouldn’t go in for this one quite yet which il explain shortly

On PS4 Kante Is sat at almost 3m coins, but on XB1, he’s nearly 2.5m. I believe that Kante is a bit high in price on PS4 but a bit too low on XB1. Whilst it’s tough to tell, I believe at 2.5m Buy price and a sale price of 2,631,000 to break even, this will be a great investment if you have to coins and keep an eye on the market for his card. You could be looking at roughly 100-200 profit in a short time period. Look to sell tomorrow though, as any later could risk another drop in preparation for all of TOTY to go into packs.

Because these players will be returning into packs on Friday at 18:00 GMT, buying into them now could pose a big risk if they drop suddenly more.

This was very high budget trading so we will look into much lower budgets now

A new surprise SBC dropped today in the form of TOTY defining moments. Notice that “moments” is plural. To me this confirms that we’re seeing even more of these cards very soon.

Defenders are out of packs tomorrow but the full team isn’t in until Friday, so this leaves 24 hours with no players in packs, and there is huge potential to fill this gap with SBCs.

This will cause huge panic on the market and prices of big players will drop significantly, and this will likely be the best time to pick up your Icon cards. Almost everything will be at its cheapest at this time, so anything meta, the likes of Gullit, Vieira, Ronaldo etc will have a perfect buy time, and will likely hold the most profit for us.

What we can do however is buy into everything that should rise in price. The Silva SBC has caused part of the market, mostly the EPL and Spanish players, to go crazy high in price. Check out this for example:

The same has happened on both consoles with Fernandinho going out of packs, and into SBCs. This will keep his price pretty stable at this price.

Other cards haven’t risen yet:

83-85 Rated players are still at a huge low, simply because they haven’t been needed yet. Right now, we’re unsure what requirements will be for new cards dropping, however anything lower value, which is looking likely as Silva is 93 rated with the lowest rated TOTY being 94 rated (no way will these SBCs be higher rating than TOTY). We could see some lower requirments pushing all of these cards up, meaning it could be a good idea to stock up on your high chem cards with different top 5 leagues and top 9 nations. Here’s some examples on who you could start picking up:

However there are tons of possibilities. I’d be looking simply for good chemistry and good prices mainly, as these cards will struggle to drop due to demand inside of these daily Icon SBCs

Try to think outside the box when picking up these sorts of players. Don’t just go all in on the examples given, as nobody knows who will drop next, so it’s a game that needs a bit of luck too.

Alternatively stick around for 18:00 GMT tomorrow and check out what SBCs are available and what requirments will push up prices. If an SBC needs a certain club, look for an cheap 83 Rated if possible or a higher rated if they’re extremely cheap for that rating (83 rated at 1k, 84 rated at 2.6k, 85 rated at 7.5k or 86 rated at 15k), or a player that is out of packs (due to TOTW), or a handy position (let’s say the formation needs LB/RB, and player from that position and required club would do amazing!) just check out how Ederson did today with a Man City requirement:

This will be a matter of speed when picking up players, as they will likely rise fast. Don’t get greedy with profit, unless you’re absolutely certain a player needs to keep rising in price, sell up with 5 minutes, as all these investors will be looking to sell at once too, pushing prices back down.

For the new TOTW, I would certainly stay away from them, they’re only going to drop through the week, with a small exception of the cheapest EPL IFs rising, should POTM need them (this drops on Friday)

If you can pick any up for discard, then there is no risk and they will rise once out of packs, but this could be a pretty long wait for small profits.

One theory going strong on Twitter is that we could see a “Best of” TOTW once again. This would drive pack sales through the roof

Credit to @BobbleHeadFUT for this image

Alongside these we could see TOTW Packs drop too, which would cause a surge in sales of 83/84 Rated players, but only if we see a strong set of IFs too. If you believe that this will be the case then investing in 83 Rated cards for 1k and 84 Rated cards for 2.3k will easily double your coins but only if it pulls through

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