Wow. An amazing day from EA, some great SBCs almost all round, with the exception of a single coin drain SBC that is seriously not worth doing. This is in fact the 81+ UCL SBC.

To get 2 Common UCL Players, the very cheapest physically possible is 3,000 coins. 10x 300 coin gold players result in 2 UCL cards. The value of these cards can be said to be 1,500 coins each. The 81+ UCL Player Pack comes at the cost of 11 of these players, theoretically speaking, the very cheapest these cards are to obtain are 11x 1,500 for a total of 16,500 coins. This is theoretical however, instead you will likely pay much more than this as you won’t win all the gold players you need for 300 coins, and you won’t pack all the players needed for the 50 chem requirement, as well as having a spare UCL card left over as you will earn 12 and only submit 11… the realistic amount you will end up paying is approximately 21,000 coins, which as a total is still being generous.

21,000 coins for a single 81+ UCL Card is not a great trade, but it does mean that players that are completing these SBCs are draining their coins and fast…

This has opened up a very last opportunity to pick up any cheap TOTW cards from this week, TOTW 7, before they go out of packs again tomorrow. After this happens, the cheap cards and cards that are good for SBCs are on their way up in value!

That literally means that all of these players listed will make great investments that will only really need to be held for 1-3 days:

With that out the way, we can talk about a trading method which has been treating me well tonight, and that is non-rare gold cards. It is seriously as easy as bidding 300-400 coins on each card and selling them for 500-600 coins. Mass bid and mass sell.

Set up the following filter:

From here, simply bid 300-400 coins on each card and whenever you win a card, list them up for 500 coins if they’re from a very bad league and nation to link in with, or 600 coins if they are in a more popular league and nation. Any GK cards I would list at 500-550 because of the brick slot that has made them much less desirable

With that said, you will get a market van quite quickly with this method, so after around 150 cards total, I would take a 5-10 minute break to make sure you aren’t being slowed down by EA.

That was a trading method, however I believe it may be time to invest in some different cards too. This is a no risk investment, however it is 50/50 on if it works or not. That is because we’re looking at rare-gold cards.

At 18:00 GMT tomorrow, I believe that we will get the regular 2 player packs back again, where we can submit a gold team with 6 rare players. This will push up the prices of the rare cards to around 1,000 coins, so picking them up for 600 now makes a great potentially short term investment. This has a larger payoff that the TOTW investing however there is no guarantee that it will work like with the TOTW cards, so that call will have to made on your own. Personally I’m putting lots of coins into TOTW cards and a small chunk into the rare gold cards.

Picking up Rare Gold Cards is very easy with this filter:

From here Bid 600-650 coins on each rare gold card and store them to your club, ready for tomorrow

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