Tonight is another night of investing. Spend ALL of your coins. Not just some of them. If you have coins you need to spend them tonight on investments. These UCL players are all going up in value.

Whilst I usually don’t like to follow the crowd, as it usually only means that the opposite of what everyone thinks will happen ends up happening, but tonight is different.

Everybody has been given the ability to get ahold of tradable UCL players once again, but one thing people are missing is that you only get 1 rare player. 1 Rare Player per person is nothing, then consider how many people only managed to get awful cards, how many people won’t do the SBC, and compare it to how many people want these cards.

Let’s take a CB card for example. How often do these guys get a TOTW card, or any upgrade for that matter? It’s not very often, so now we are given upgraded versions of these cards in incredibly small quantities. These guys are worth tons!

A lot of people are looking at mass buying the cheapest UCL players and whilst this will result in profit, we are going instead with the big cards.

These guys are the rarest cards on the market, with supply similar to that of some icons.

Let’s take a step back and go to the basics of trading. Supply and demand.

Tonight we have lots of supply, which caused prices to drop, and there was also a lot of panic and so prices in general are down.

Let’s look at a few days down the line. There will have been 0 new supply of these cards. There will be lots of buyers upgrading their teams when they get coins from the weekend league.

Lots of demand. No supply.

That means these players are only heading in a single direction. Whilst we have seen more supply today, let’s also consider what they’re valued at before they got a bit more value…

Naldo for example, was 140k today. He is now 56k. A few more cards on the market does not equate to a 90k drop in price!

And he is just one of many:

These prices are complete jokes. Which is exactly why we are picking them up now.

You may think that you’re late to the party investing tonight, but in reality you aren’t. Players are still listing up their cards and completing the SBC for the next few hours still, and most investors have finally stopped buying. That means that prices will remain what they were like just after the SBC was released + will have some players heavily undercutting out of fear of their cards not rising in value.

If you’re reading this guide, buy time is now!

So now you know when to invest (Tonight) you will want to know, who do I invest in?

High rating, good league, good stats. That’s all you need. I recommend heading over to FUTBIN and filtering players down to just UCL players. I would aim to pick up players between 83-85 if they’re very meta players, and 86-89 if they match the criteria of being popular.

Next, compare their prices to earlier. Look to invest in players that have, at a minimum, halved in price since the release of these SBCs.

As an example of this, I have picked up these cards myself:

He has a great nation, great league, great stats, is high rated, a meta player and is less than half the price he was earlier today. A very similar player to this would also be Alisson.

A great league and great stats once again, as well as edging close to a a third of his price earlier today. He doesn’t have a great nation but is still a good card to pick up given he fits the other criteria.

I believe that players like Cuadrado will rise in price when players purchase cards like him to link up to their Ronaldo card. A player willing to pay big on Ronaldo, is willing to overpay on a strong link to him. A player similar to this would be Douglas Costa.

Find yourself some unique meta players and purchase 1 of each card. This will make the card much easier to sell when it comes to it.

It is very easy to find these kinds of players, given that most cards fit into this investment. Try to pick up players that don’t already have special cards, as they will be severely limited to how much their price can grow to.

Get out there and get Investing, we plan to sell relatively soon. When to sell? Tomorrow will be weekend league rewards. More coins is more buying power and so prices will begin their way up from Thursday at 19:00 GMT onwards. I would recommend holding for up to a week longer than this, as prices will rise more and more as more people begin to sell up their investments to join peoples teams, meaning that there are less of each card available.

The longer you hold these cards the more value they will gain. I plan to hold until next Thursday and sell at around 20:00 GMT.

Alternative investments you must make, even if it is simply 1 of the card are Scream Cards at Discard value! In order to fund their investments, players are selling off scream cards, which would be the perfect opportunity to buy, and would become a great turnaround when Scream SBCs come.

If we see boosts tonight at 00:00 GMT, expect some hype around these cards once again, and for prices to begin rising on them. Some cards with stat boosts that are appropriate for the card (Physical/Pace/Defending for a Defender, Pace/Shooting/Dribbling for an attacker etc…) will push some of these players prices very high too.

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