The Champions League is back once again, and with the Ajax/Real Madrid game over, they have certainly been the main focus on Twitter!

A huge upset for Real Madrid fans, but also an upset for those invested in UCL Live cards!

To begin with, we will do some rebound investing. Whilst Real Madrid’s Live Cards will no longer receive upgrades and are now static cards, they’re still great cards and have plenty of value:

Nacho Fernandez has dropped from around 165k down to 55k and Benzema has dropped from around 335k down to 117k.

If we take a look at Nacho Fernandez’ all time changes in price, here is what we see:

This card has never been close to 50k, even when it was first released as an 85 rated card. Now that he has received an upgrade, he is even cheaper than ever before, and that shouldn’t be the case.

I believe that this card will rebound heavily, and so at 55k, this card is a complete steal! Il be mass buying this card.

I believe that because most investors have already spent their coins, they can’t invest in these cards before they rebound, making them ours to pick up.

The next graph is Benzema all time:

His lowest was around the same value as what he is now. He is also upgraded since being first released as an 86 Rated player. He is +3 Ratings since then. There is no chance he stays at 120k and is also a steal.

I have no real idea what these guys can make in terms of profit, but they will be profitable none the less, especially with Thursday rewards just around the corner.

Selling UCL Live in the hype…

With the return of the UCL, also returns the hype of making or breaking your bank account with these cards.

Because of this, before a game begins, prices begin to rise much more on these cards.

By investing in the games that are set in 1-2 days, and selling on match day, we can make a nice bit of profit…

All UCL lives from these teams will be profitable, by buying 1-2 days before the match and selling on match day (try to sell close to before the game begins)

Here is a list of those players in no particular order:

My only real recommendation would be to pick up cheaper players as more people will get invested in them.

There is less risk and more profit potential in those cards.

I highly recommend staying away from the huge players, like Suarez, Aguero and Griezmann.


With Ajax’s incredible performance, we are set to see a few MOTM cards drop from the team. This will cause some strong links, including players such as MOTM De Ligt to rise in price due to being bought to link to these MOTM cards.

With that said, we are still waiting for EA to hand out MOTM De Ligt into people’s clubs.

Here is what I have found out…

In the last few hours, I have found 2 cases of players receiving a Tradable MOTM De Ligt due to packing his NIF when he should have been a special card. Outside of these 2 cases, players are still waiting to get their cards.

These two cases lead me to believe that we could see this card placed into people’s Transfer lists within the next 24 hours, and this will rapidly push the price of MOTM De Ligt down.

My target prices are as follows:

  • PS4: 40k and under
  • XB1: 40k and under

We will be picking up this card as soon as he is sent into people’s clubs.

We will have a sell date depending on what EA does with the new MOTM Ajax players l, if and when they drop

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