Currently, there is no promo running on FIFA 19… sort of.

For whatever reason, EA has decided that we want some EVEN HIGHER rated versions of already existing Icons. That makes for players such as Henry, 4 different Icon cards

There are no real names for these new cards, I myself have called them Ultimate Icons, EA have given them the name “Moments Icons” but the community hasn’t really decided on a real name for them yet.

This has caused some serious panic on the Icon market, effecting Prime Icons specifically. Here’s why…

Players have more coins than ever, and want the best available version of each player. This means that in most cases, the best version of a card is the Prime version, and so it’s the most expensive due to the most demand and usually rarity too.

So when you own a 93 Rated Henry, and all of a sudden a 94 Rated Card drops, lots of the players that can afford the 93, are willing to sell him and spend more coins on the better 94 Rated Card. As a result, there is less demand for the 93 and more people are selling him to be able to afford the 94. So now we not only have less demand, but more available supply too. This combination of mass selling and less buyers is usually given the name panic selling or a players price crashing.

This works exactly the same as TOTW. When a player receives a better card, the old card drops in value as players that own the card sell up and people look to buy the more expensive card instead (this is why you don’t want to hold a special card that receives a better card)

Essentially, Prime Icons can be thought of as the 3rd tier special card, or a 3rd IF (TIF). Now they’re receiving a 4th tier card, or a 4th IF (FIF) and so the TIF drops in value.

This happens whenever any upgrade is given to a player. A player with a TOTW card that receives a better card in another form, such as an SBC, MOTM, Record Breaker etc will have the same effect of dropping the value of a previous card.

It should be noted that position changes usually mean that panic doesn’t occur. For example, you may have a ST Henry card, but if he were to get a better card at LW, they won’t intersect. Most players aren’t replacing their ST card with a LW. Position effects a players value, which is seen heavily in Cancelo, with 3 special cards (and a OTW), yet the 86 Rated TOTW Card is worth more than the 87 Rated TOTW card, due to be 86 being at RB (the desirable position) and the 87 being at RM (not a desirable position).

We can capitalise on this though and make coins. Il use the Icons as the example throughout, but once again this applies to all special cards that receive further upgrades.

How many Prime Icons have you packed? Chances are it’s 0, and if you’re lucky enough, you may have 1, but extremely unlikely to have 2. On top of that, how many were top tier cards? Probably 1-2 readers at best will actually have had this kind of luck.

So who is to say that these Ultimate Icons will have more than a couple on the market at a time?

These cards will be the most desirable cards in the game, with the largest costs too. They will also be incredibly rare, and this combo calls for very high prices. Some players are selling their Prime Best for 1.5m and are expecting to pay maybe 2m for his Ultimate edition, when in reality, these cards are likely to be 4m+ coins, and potentially even more at the start.

Because of these extremely high prices, these players that wanted the Ultimate versions will realise that they can’t afford them, and so will instead have to pick up the regular Prime Icon instead. This causes sudden large demand for the Prime and so the prices rise again as demand increases significantly.

So in this process, the Icons Prime has dropped in value due to panic, and risen again when people start buying again. This temporary dip in price provides a great investing opportunity, because, despite being self explanatory, you want to buy low and sell high.

The only thing you need to be carful of is tax. If a player has 80k+ tax, you need to be selling for ~80k more than your profit margin. If you’re buying low and selling high, this change in price has to be significant enough that you can be confident enough you’re going to sell high enough to make a good chunk of profit.

To put this in terms of TOTWs, the exact same process occurs but in a smaller scale. Panic selling the lower rated version of a card, and on release of the new card, people realise that the prices are too high and decide to buy back the previous TOTW, causing a temporary drop in value which we capitalise on by purchasing and selling later on.

The best purchase time for all cards is almost always just before the new card is released. So in the case of these new Icons, it should be on Friday, just before the higher rated versions are released.

When it comes to a sell time, it can take around 24 hours before players start buying the previous card back again.

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