EA are going to shambles! With such a big promo, everyone is in disbelief that we’re getting no content on day one, and instead have been given a new set of Special Cards and promo packs. Everyone is complaining that this is the biggest cash grab they have done yet this year, and I couldn’t agree more.

We won’t go into detail of everything that went wrong with EA today, you can check out Twitter to find out everything that went on, all that I will leave you with is a graph showing how the EA stock price changed today…

Let’s just say, mistakes were made.

Moving on, how do we profit in a situation like this? There aren’t all too many ways really given the state of the market, but that won’t stop us.

Because we didn’t receive any SBCs today, we haven’t seen our LB/RB/LM/RM investments rise today, which means that you have another opportunity to pick up a ton before SBCs do appear. If you haven’t read that article click here to read it! This investment however, is completely no risk and so we have no problem waiting a little longer on them. An update on these; I’m beginning to list them up on the market for 800-950 coins buy now to lazy buyers and am finding that anywhere between 5-15 of them sell per hour, so it’s a nice way to boost your coin total whilst we wait, meaning that holding them isn’t a complete waste of time.

Due to no SBCs being released, plenty of players have begun panic selling some investments, in particular is 83/84 rated players. They have taken a huge hit today and also aren’t a key requirement for the new POTM Reus SBC, meaning that they will stay nice and low, ready to be picked up. I’d recommend filling your club with 1 of each player, or stock up a few on your transfer list. I would plan to sell these cards whenever we see a new SBC that requires an 83/84 Rated team. Alternatively, we can look to sell at between 16:30-17:30 GMT, which is just before the time that SBCs are usually released, as there will be a slight bit of hype for an SBC, meaning that prices may rise a few hundred coins. Here’s a list of players to look at in particular:

If you aren’t looking to get too many, I would recommend the 84 cards which are by far a better deal currently!

Next up on our short investment list is TOTW and Scream Cards themselves. TOTW is very simple, at 10k per card, you can’t go wrong. They will be of use in the future without a doubt and are seriously worth picking up and at least storing 1 of each in the club. At the end of the day, they could just make you bank!

When investing in Scream Team players we need to take a small risk, but a risk none the less. We have confirmation in the game code that we will be receiving a Scream Card Guarantee Pack in some form:

This means that we will have to take a guess at the possible requirements. The first possibility would be TOTW card requirements. This would make sense given that every card that isn’t extremely usable (such as VVD, Bailly, Lukaku), is sat at 10k. Even the 81 Rated EPL TOTW ST is sat at 11k. They are very safe and very possible as a requirement. What is more likely though, is a Scream Card itself. This would stop any kind of oversupplying the market with these cards, and so we would want to pick up one of these players. We are looking for the best rating for price.

When looking at these cards however, nothing is cheap with the exception of Ochoa who is close to discard value. He is much more likely to be useful in an SBC should one come around. Denayer sits close to discard but at almost 4K more per card, doesn’t make sense to pick up.

The problem with this is that it’s not risk free. Let’s say we are given one of these packs and the requirements are 83/84 rated cards (hence the first investment), then Ochoa will be packed tons, pushing him down to 10k a card, and we would lose 4-5k profit per card. That’s a big loss on a big scale.

My suggestion is to pick up his card tonight or early in the morning for 14.25k and under (you may have to snipe the card but he will appear more than often enough). We can then look to sell these cards for around 16k a card before 18:00 GMT, running on the hype for an SBC. This will give us around 1k profit per card. Whilst not the best investment, if this card is then not required at 18:00 GMT, we can pick it back up off of panic sellers for extremely low prices (around 12k per card) and resell at 15k per card the next day for profits of 2.25k per card, which is much better.


For now, I recommend picking up Gold TOTW cards for 10k and 83/84 Rated Cards as cheap as possible.

Tomorrow, we plan to buy Scream Ochoa for 12k after 18:00 GMT and sell him again the next day in the afternoon. I will continue to update you guys on this investment as it happens

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