We’re getting close to Ultimate Scream so we should start thinking about investing. And that’s where this guide comes in, here is everything we need to know about Ultimate Scream Investing, before it’s release…

Let’s begin with the release date prediction:

The predicted release date is 19/10/18 (Friday 19th 18:00 GMT)

What are Scream Cards?

Scream cards are boosted cards (+1 Rating) that also receive extremely boosted stats during special real life “spooky” times.

What this means is that these cards gain huge rating and stat boosts during times such as Halloween and days with a Full Moon.

When it comes to a full explanation of what Scream Team is, @MattFUTTrading has a great guide if you’re new to the game or need a refresher. I highly recommend you go check him out, as this was created by him:

Who are we investing in?

We need to keep our investments low risk but keep a high profit margin, so here is my proposal…

1. High Rated/Discard Players

First, we’re looking at some players that are completely no risk. You may be wondering what I mean by high rating/discard players, simply due to the fact that high rated players are high in price as a result of both Icon SBCs and POTM Hazard SBCs.

There are a couple options still available to us though!

Let’s begin with the cheapest 83 rated players in the game. Simply due to their position and chemistry available from their use, they haven’t really risen much for any SBCs. I recommend stocking your club up with 1 of each player, and to also stock up on a load of these players as cheap as possible in your transfer list.

(don’t go overpaying, FUT Champs rewards could provide another opportunity to purchase some of the more expensive 83 rated players for a much lower price, and these players are guaranteed to rise in price by Friday in the hype for the event)

Remember that outfield players have more value that GK cards! So if possible mass invest in the outfield players with better nations/leagues!

I’ve already picked up 1 of each but plan to get mass invested on Thursday during Weekend League Rewards!

2. Non-Rare Chem Cards

What is a non-rare Chen card? These are non rare golds at discard value that will help provide players with more chemistry in their teams.

Throughout the entire promo I expect an SBC each day. I also expect them to be very easy SBCs, anything from random brick slot SBCs (brick slotting players that are in the promo, for example, if we were to get a Scream Kimpembe, we could expect an SBC where there is a French and PSG brickslotted CB. Multiple brickslots could potentially increase the value of specific players that get better chemistry.

For this reason exactly, il be mass investing in tons of LB/RB and LM/RM players from popular league. Il be making sure to pick up lots of players from the leagues home nation, as well as other players in the top 9 nations that provide extra links to players that are much more scarce.

Il 100% start investing in these players after Weekend League Rewards Im Thursday as they will all be 300/350 coins each. Do not pay more than this for these cards (Im looking to put a good 1,000,000 into these kind of players simply because I’m so confident that these players will reap huge rewards. Simply hitting 1.5k, which is extremely possible, can return 5x your original investment)

Imagine turning 1M into 5M (4.75M after tax!) in the space of the next couple of weeks!

Head over to FUTBIN and search up player by Top 5 leagues, Gold Non-Rare and each position (LB/RB/LM/RM)

Alternatively head over to the market and mass invest in all the cards that are available to you for 300/350 coins with the following filter:

  • Quality: Gold
  • Position: LB, RB, LM, RM
  • Max Price: 350

Don’t forget to wait until Weekend League Rewards before making this investment as prices are too high currently, however they will hit discard again!

3. 82 Rated Players

Unlike 83+ players, these players will be heavily underinvested. That means that they have a ton of room to rise in price. The other thing that they don’t have in common with 83 Rated players is that they are available at discard value already.

Our aim is similar to that of 83s with this investment, as we are looking for these to rise due to the following reasons:

  1. SBCs that require rating, but not extremely high ratings (81/82/83 Rated Squad Requirments)
  2. SBCs that require chemistry + low rating
  3. Rare Gold Player Requirments

I believe that these players will make insane investments as lower rated players (82/83) are yet to properly be used in SBCs and removed from the market. Once again, go for outfield players with the ability to get more chem with players. Here’s a list of example players you can get ahold of now:

Once again, I would recommend waiting on Weekend League Rewards to pick up players, or alternatively look to pick them up after TOTW is released on Wednesday. Another option would be to pick up players late at night when you’re able to mass bid on these kind of cards with little to no competition.

Whilst the promo is predicted for the 19th, it’s always possible that it could come as early as tomorrow. Be prepared before any SBCs are dropping and expect an update guide on our investments once the event gets started!

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