The market is low, for both high end players as well as SBC fodder, so it’s time to invest in some players that could be very profitable!

Every Tuesday, we see the main League TOTS team SBC drop at 18:00 GMT, and this week is the most anticipated of the lot:

Almost everyone that can afford to complete this SBC, will be completing the SBC, meaning that the requirements will be important to know.

Here is how the other first team SBCs looked:

EPL TOTS Guarantee

  • Team of the Season Players: 1
  • Team OVR Rating: 86
  • Team Chemistry: 70

Other TOTS Guarantee

  • Team of the Season Players: 1
  • Team OVR Rating 85
  • Team Chemistry: 80

From this, we can see that with every +1 rating needed, there has been 10 less chem needed.

With the Ultimate TOTS Team being so stacked, we can easily expect either an 87 Rated or even an 88 Rated Squad.

Here’s what requirements could look like on Tuesday:

  • Team of the Season Players: 1
  • Team OVR Rating: 87
  • Team Chemistry: 60


  • Team of the Season Players: 1
  • Team OVR Rating: 88
  • Team Chemistry: 50

There are also rumours coming from some users on Twitter that we may see a requirement of more TOTS players or even TOTW cards too.

What to invest in?

We want to invest in some high rated players, even if they don’t offer tons of chem, although this is always a bonus, and where better to look than the ROTW Team

The second set of TOTS players consistently sees players being cheaper than regular golds of the same rating. So for example, if an 89 Rated Gold Card costs you 39k, then there is likely a TOTS that may only cost you 34k or less.

86 Rated players currently sell for around 16k coins, however if we take a look at the TOTS players:

As you can see there are a few players you could pick up, Nuzzolo and Wormgoor in particular because they’re still in packs right now and you can likely buy even more of these cards in bulk.

This may result in roughly 3k profit per card however on a 13k investment, this is 123% return!

This even applies to other ratings:

87 rated cards are selling for 22k, but the TOTS cards are a great pick up under 19k

Or how about 88’s?

Around 5k cheaper to pick up a TOTS over a Gold Card!

I highly recommend picking up your fodder players nice and early. These cards are going to be put into tons of FUTBIN Solutions and push their prices up.

More people than ever will be completing these SBCs too and they will also be very hyped, so make sure you get your TOTS Investments!

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