How did I forget that rewards are tomorrow!

Tomorrow we can be picking up these guys for the following prices at around 09:00 GMT-12:00 GMT:

I will be very happy if these cards drops to 22k or lower, this will make for a great flip going into early Friday morning

Get sniping these cards as they’re needed for POTM Sancho and many people don’t realise this when listing them up!

Any 81 Rated player can and will sell for 14k+ late Thursday and early Friday so of course bidding and sniping these cards is very advisable

If these 5 are available to you at 11k and under tomorrow, pick up absolutely everything, because they’re no staying that close to discard as players panic about TOTW SBCs

Next up, head over to FUTBIN and find the cheapest 81/82 players, and get bidding minimum on them. They’re gonna sell for a lot more than the regular gold players below that rating in Upgrade SBCs, so if they’re available, buy them all!

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