Two major market events occurred last night. The first being the release of FIFA and the second being the price range increased on lots of extinct players. Both of these occurring means that a great easy investment has turned up.

With FIFA releasing, everyone was selling off their investments and instead of them rising like everyone believed, they fell in price heavily. This has caused a bit of panic selling across the market, with some significant price drops all round.

As a result of this, it’s a great time to pick up more players with desirable stats.

On Friday, we have the release of POTM August for both the EPL and Bundesliga, meaning a lot of players will sell these investments on Friday morning, before they’re released, and also Thursday night, in an attempt to be ahead of the game. This makes the sell day for these investments to be Wednesday night and Thursday morning, as these will be times where there are plenty of buyers and very few people selling off their investments.

The same situations goes with the weekend league. Players will list up on Friday so and WL investments should be sold off on Thursday.

If you haven’t made investments already, Now is a great time to do so, as the market has had a very temporary drop but must go back up due to significantly less people opening up packs.

Next to talk about, is the price range changes (PR for short). Every trader will try to pick up cards for their limit. Because they often are listed at that set price. That means that an extinct player like Depay, is sat at 20k and can’t go higher. Everyone buys then ready to sell for more. Once his PR is updated to 40k, everyone lists. And then undercuts. And undercuts again. Until you’re looking at 20k for the card again and it not selling.

What happens here is hat everyone worries that they won’t make coins on their cards and so panic list at very cheap prices. This pushes the price below the actual value of the card. Once the panic selling stops and the buyers come back, the prices will slowly return to a higher amount, although this may take a few days.

Due to the weekend league, I’d recommend picking up one of these players with an updated PR now, and selling them again on Thursday.

As a result of these two things, most investments will be profitable, and so I have decided to use this as a chance to pick up my POTM investments, as well as hold a few Kondogbia, Depay, Promes and Fred Cards. If you haven’t seen the POTM investments, click on this link to view to POTM investing article

Davinson Sánchez is a little different in this situation. The other players now have a PR that suits them. If you look at Sanchez’ card, you will see he is very similar to Van Dijk. Not the best links but an incredibly good card. VVD is worth 100k+ currently, and Sánchez is limited to 40k. He has a lot of room to go up in price still, so if possible, snipe one of these cards (potentially during the release of TOTW 2, when players are opening packs). Hold and wait for a new PR update on his card!

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Bobby4tweets · September 26, 2018 at 1:02 am

I sniped a full hour on Sanchez yesterday, wasn’t able to snipe one. Really hard to get one. Btw what do you think about Goretzka? He’s about 38K now on both consoles… It’s confirmed he is getting a OTW so his regular gold card won’t be in packs anymore…

    HarperHype · September 26, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    I like the idea, check out the new guide I just posted for OTW investments as I think today is a great day to buy him, cheaper than ever currently!

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