EA are dropping huge packs for the new Promos, including the likes of 25k and 50k packs!

What this means is that from 18:00 GMT up until 18:20 GMT, an unbelievable amount of packs are opened, as well as huge amounts of players being mass listed.

Similarly to how Weekend League rewards worked when they were released on a Thursday, as well as with SBC rewards, we see a mass listing of loads of players with value.

Due to the shear quantity of cards available, we find that there are more cards up for grabs on bid, than there are buyers.

As we all know already, a supply that is much much larger than demand creates a drop in price. This means that we can abuse this and get a ton of players that do have value, for very cheap.

1 hour after people have opened their packs and listed their players, any cards that aren’t going to sell, begin to expire after being listed for almost the full hour.

What this means is that we are able to mass bid on a player with value at 19:00 GMT until 19:20 GMT (1 hour after packs were opened) as there will be more than enough cards available to everyone trying to do the same.

What we’re going to do however, is make sure we’re picking up the right cards to maximise our profits.


Find a player and mass bid on them for 20 minutes between 19:00-19:20 GMT as you will win tons of these cards, even if they’re worth a lot more than what you’re bidding

So who are we picking up?

A big problem is that a large portion of the community all bid on the same cards that they know have value, such as the cheapest 84-89 Rated players

I can recommend mass bidding on the 84 Rated Players as you will win a lot of these, however any higher rated players should be sniper at 18:00 GMT to 18:20 GMT, rather than bidding at 19:00 onwards.

Players that will be packed an unbelievable amount will be 83 rated players and lower. The problem with this is that most of them are already discard value, however that doesn’t mean that they all are…

This is just 8 of tons of players that you can choose that are low rated and have value. I recommend players sat between 2-3k in value though as these players are usually very easy to win for 700 coins a card.

We can take this short term investment a step further than this however. If we look at non rare players that are high value, we can make more coins than ever. This is because they are heavily under invested cards, high in value, packed an absolute ton, and have a lower price point than gold cards.

To find these players though, we need to look at cards that have value for a reason. This tends to be a result of SBCs, especially that of the League SBCs which throw out good pack rewards, or alternatively from new SBCs, such as the Tah German SBC.

Take a look at these players for example:

All of these guys are high value due to SBCs, and they will also be packed a ton today. Due to lots of people being unaware of this, they make incredible investments that will sell for tons and the profit % on them is huge!

Even sticking to the lower value non Rares makes a perfect investment. Let’s say you have 100k and you purchase a player, such as Lala

You can be winning each card for 300 coins, for a total of 333 cards. You can then sell each of these on for 1k each for after tax returns of 316,350 coins, all in the space of an hour.

I highly recommend spreading your coins out across multiple players. Priorities should be with non rare cards with value, followed by low rated rare cards with value, and then followed by higher rated cards with value.

The sell time for these cards in any time tonight, however I recommend waiting until tomorrow morning to sell

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RichieB13 · November 11, 2018 at 10:31 pm

Bought 15 IF Casillas/Romagnoli’s at 18-20k eacj. when do you think they’ll rise?

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