So what’s the secret to earning a ton of coins early on? Is it some kind of incredible method that will be easy coins? The answer to that is unfortunately no. The way to get coins early in the game is to grind for them. By early, I mean before the game has released, but the web app (the one you can visit on your computer/laptop, not to be confused with the companion app for mobile).

Methods don’t work like you probably remember them. There is no point in investing towards players for POTM straight away, unless you have plenty of spare coins you’re willing to set aside for a while, because these cards are going to be expensive already. They will likely also pay out very small amounts too. Very few people will pack the necessary cards for investments, and very few people will have the coins to purchase those sorts of players in masses anyway. Not only that, but you’re going to be waiting for the investment to pull through, just to find out that the first POTM is actually relatively cheap.

Instead, we go back to basics of making a few coins at a time. Bidding and sniping. The classic methods that haven’t failed us before. You’re going to need to do some extra work on these too, as a lot of sites for prices will be very unreliable to start with.

You will need some kind of coins to start off with, otherwise you can’t buy anything anyway. Open up your free packs and use some untradables to work your way through any SBCs, especially those that return a couple hundred coins. Next, look to complete as many Manager tasks as possible, as these will also return coins and cards that you are able to sell. Sell anything and everything you have. If you’re a returning FIFA player, you will get some bonus packs too, make sure you sell off these contents to get coins. Any half decent players with a bit of value of 5k+ have a good chance of rising within the next week or two, however, you’re better off selling for the slightly cheaper price that they are now, and using those coins towards other trades. In the extremely unlikely event that you pack a huge player, hold onto them! They are going to gain very significant value, and selling them before day 3 of the full release is a huge mistake!

Check out this guide on why you should hold big players and how you can use this knowledge to make big profits early on in FIFA 19 here!

Both methods start with the following steps:

1. Find a gold player or consumable that has some kind of value, even if it is only a few hundred coins, just as long as it fits this criteria…

• Other players are purchasing the card

• The cards value is a minimum of few hundred coins above its discard value

• You can afford to purchase the card yourself

2. Next, change the “Max Buy Now” price to find out the lowest priced card available on the market. If you’re finding no results, raise the number of coins that you’re entering. If you’re finding more than a small handful of cards, lower the amount. Find that sweet spot which is the cards real value.

3. Take the value of the cards lowest price on the market and follow these steps:

If your card is valued between 0-10,000 coins, do the following…

( “Your Cards Cost” – 100 ) x 0.95

Example: Let’s say the card is valued at 1,200 coins

( 1,200 – 100 ) x 0.95 = 1,045

Round this number DOWN to the nearest 100

1,045 goes to 1,000. Your new value is 1,000

If your card is valued between 10,250-100,000 coins, do the following…

( “Your Cards Cost” – 250 ) x 0.95

Example: Let’s say the card is valued at 15,750 coins

( 15,750 – 250 ) x 0.95 = 14,725

Round this number DOWN to the nearest 250

14,725 goes to 14,500. Your new value is 14,500

What this step is doing is calculating the price you need to buy your card for so that when you undercut the lowest prices card listed, you will still make profit after tax. (It’s a lot less complicated than it looks!)

4. Either mass bid OR snipe that card for the value that you can out with. If you win cards for less than the value, then the amount of profit you’re making on each card is increased.

Once you win a card for your calculated value or less, sell the card 100/250 coins (depending on what increments the value must change with) lower than the current lowest listed.

Be aware that player prices can be relatively volatile during the early days of FIFA, so make sure you’re selling off all of your cards before logging off for the day! Even a few hours is enough for prices to shift a few hundred coins, sometimes in your favor, adding value, but other times devaluing the cards you’re holding!

So what is happening and how are you making profit?

Let’s take the card worth 1,200 coins as an example. We calculated that we need to buy the card for 1,000 coins.

From here, we’re either bidding on cards or sniping them to win them for 1,000 coins or less. Let’s say we win 10 cards total, 4 of them for 1,000 coins, 3 of them for 950 coins, 2 of them for 900 coins and 1 for 850 coins.

The value of the cards lowest in the market is 1,200, so we need to sell ours for 1 increment less, which in this case is 1,100 coins.

When we sell these cards at 1,100 coins, we aren’t actually receiving the full 1,100. Instead we are being taxed 5% and so only receive 95% of the sale. That’s 0.95 x 1,100 which means we actually receive 1,045 coins instead of 1,100.

Here is the profit we made off of the cards we bought in the example. It shows the total profit and a multiplier for how many cards we bought at that price:

1,045 – 1,000 = 45 (x4) = 180

1,045 – 950 = 95 (x3) = 285

1,045 – 900 = 145 (x2) = 290

1,045 – 850 = 195 (x1) = 195

Total profit = 180 + 285 + 290 + 195 = 950

That means that we made a total of 950 coins. This entire process takes about 5-10 minutes every time. It is much quicker to do than it is to explain. You can make 7-8k an hour through this method, and with the right amount of grinding, will easily be able to hit 100k in the first few days of the web app.

Once you have more coins, you will be able to bid on up to 50 players at once meaning that at the very best, you could be earning 5x that amount an hour. If you’re lucky, that means 35k+ in an hour (although this is very unlikely)

Sometimes you will find that you are no longer winning the cards you’re bidding on. That’s okay, because someone else is also trying this method on the same card as you. In that case, simply find another card that nobody is doing this method on, and carry on!

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