As I write this, you’re already slightly late to the game when it comes to getting the very cheapest prices on your investments, although there is another chance.

We can however sell back to other investors and make some big profit. Most players are looking to sell Friday. Why wouldn’t they? The weekend league starts nn the weekend of course. This means that a lot of investors will be picking up on Thursday and Wednesday night.

The problem with this is that they will be panic selling and undercutting each other as we get into the Weekend League. A lot of players have also already bought their teams. Here’s what I recommend…

A lot of players will be opening packs for TOTW 2, which will temporarily push down player prices. In preparation for TOTW 2, Players may start listing their cards a few hours before TOTW 2 is released, so keep an eye out on their prices before the release too.

You’re going to want to buy some meta players. Here’s what FUTBIN pulls up on their popular players list:

I believe that all of these players will be great choices, however I’d be looking to play it safer with the lower cost meta players.

Personally, I’m holding a few Fred cards, Depay cards as well as Kondogbia. I plan to try and pick up a few Ben Yedder, Zaha and Kimpembe Cards. This post will be updated once I purchase players, with their prices

Players Bought:

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