Day trading seems to be the way to go currently, making much more in terms of profit, over regular investments which aren’t returning much lately

That’s why this weekend, you should look to trade with OTW cards, as there is a huge amount of coins ready to be made.

Before we get into the details, I’ve decided to sell my POTM (IF Cech + Kompany) Investments for a small amount of profit, read to mass buy this weekend.

Let’s begin by looking at players that could potentially be playing tomorrow:


Dortmund – 14:30 GMT

  • Witsel

Schalke – 14:30 GMT

  • Sane

Everton – 15:00 GMT

  • Richarlison

Juventus – 17:00 GMT

  • Ronaldo
  • Cancelo

Bayern Munich – 17:30 GMT

  • Goretzka

Manchester United – 17:30 GMT

  • Fred

Real Madrid – 17:30 GMT

  • Mariano


Arsenal – 12:00 GMT

  • Sokratis

Milan – 14:00 GMT

  • Higuaín

Chelsea – 14:15 GMT

  • Jorginho

Atletico Madrid – 15:15 GMT

  • Lemar

AS Mónaco – 16:00 GMT

  • Golovin

Liverpool – 16:30 GMT

  • Alisson
  • Keïta

Man City – 16:30 GMT

  • Mahrez

Lokomotive Moscow – 17:00 GMT

  • Smolov

Sevilla – 17:30 GMT

  • Promes

Inter Milan – 19:30 GMT

  • Nainggolan
  • Vrsaljko

Barcelona – 19:45 GMT

  • Malcom

Olympique Lyon – 20:00 GMT

  • Dembele

This list has simply ignored anyone that may or may not be injured, wether they have already been confirmed to be in or out of the squad and if they usually start or not. This is simply all the matches where a Tradable OTW player is in the team.

The plan is to watch the game. Be aware of the price of the players (use Futbin to see roughly what price they are). As soon as a OTW player scores, pick up as many of that player as you can. You may find you’re paying 5k or so more than what the usual price is. That’s okay because within a minute, they will be very high in price. Without hesitation, re list the cards you bought, and undercut the lowest significantly. You will find you’re making 20-30k per card easily.

If the player that you’re watching assists a goal, don’t take any action. They may rise a bit but not much. We’re mostly focused on goals.

We can check Futbin for average prices from Wednesday. This will be our “Sell Price”. Once the game has ended or is coming to an end and the player hasn’t done very well (even better if the team loses), then look to snipe some OTW cards for this lowered price. We’re planning to sell at the “Sell Price” so look to get a deal that will make you some significant profit.

Here’s an example:

Let’s look at Higuaín. Currently he is priced at around 150k as seen here

But on Thursday, he was priced at between 125k lowest and 145k highest (so we average it out and say 135k price tag). The hype for his card has bought him up 15k. That means players are currently invested into this card.

(Prices on Thursday)

If Milan lose and Higuaín doesn’t score and doesn’t assist, we can expect some panic selling after the game. On Thursday his price was around 135k, which is the price we would want to sell his card at. After tax, that would be 128,250 coins, which means we’re looking to buy his card at this price and lower.

We want to make it worth holding his card however, so il set my target price lower, around 120k. Once the panic selling begins at the end of the match, get sniping, some players get scared and list cards well below their value.

From here we simply hold the cards until they return to a regular price, which should be around Monday/Tuesday.

If a player does well or not, we’re looking to make profit on them this weekend!

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