When do we sell?

Currently, I’m looking to sell off investments on the 19th this month. This is because I believe that this will be the point that sees IF Cards cap out in price, especially if we get some heavily TOTW dependant SBCs.

As for Premier League Players, Im looking to sell up now, and that’s because of how high in price they are right now with the large amount of EPL player requirements over the past couple of days. This includes all of our Mata investments, Gundogan etc…

We’re looking to sell off our 83/84 Rated players on the 19th too as this will likely be their cap in price. Finally we’re looking to sell 85+ cards whenever the next set of Icon SBCs drop (don’t instantly mass list, give it quite a few hours, maybe even try to get some lazy buyers too!)

What can we buy?

Here is an image made by FUT Bible.

This image shows the selection process for FUTMAS cards this year, but what we’re mostly looking at is the nations.

High rated players from these nations will keep rising in the hype, for example, Wass went from discard value, up to 2.2k on PS4 and 2.8k on XB1, only to drop down to discard again once the SBC was released

By avoiding the top nations, due to their high quantities of good players within the nations, we can buy and sell players each day to make good money from daily flips.

As we can see, on the 17th, we’re looking to see a Swiss player and on the 18th a Uruguay player. By mass investing in some players with good rating or from a good position early on (today and tomorrow) the. We can look to sell back to others again on the 17th and 18th at peak prices. Some of the players I would recommend picking up are the following:

If this is successful, we’re looking to do exactly the same from Croatian players too!

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