Whats up guys, FUTBERG here….

We are well into another year of FIFA and to say its been a mixed bag is an understatement.
But when Thursday rewards come around the one question i get most is “what players should i look to buy?”

For me, at this stage of the game there is so many things you can buy, be it chem styles, position modifiers or kits, and you will make HUGE profit on them, but today we are going to go into a different type of trading and thats with non rare gold cards.


If you click the link above you will be taken to a screen filtered with the most expensive none rare golds.. now straight away we can filter out the players that have spiked for SBCs such as ulreich and pavard.
What we look for are players that hold their value!!

What you want to do is click on the players and monitor their graphs for the last week to 10 days and make sure their price isnt all over the place.

The 2 images above show a player who held his price very well throughout the week between 2-3k, peaking at 3.4k on sunday on Playstation and hitting a low point of 2.1k on monday (during rewards)
Straight away this shows me if i can pick this player up below 1.5k im going to be making guaranteed profit on him, and also as i know during rewards people will be focused on more meta players, they will be easier to pick up on bid, and also people dont know their worth and can list BIN for as low as 500 coins.

All in all guys this is a simple trading method that you can put into practice on a monday and thursday during rewards.
Let me know how you get on, you can tweet me your results (link below)

Or if you want to make the most of your coins, hope over to my website and see what others are saying about the discord, and join us!!

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